Social Media Marketing Intern at NBS

Second day in the office – flashbulbs going off everywhere!

How I managed to gain that most rare and coveted of graduate employment: The Paid Internship.

When I bumped into a friend of mine in my local Tesco and we both exchanged the awkward, embarrassed grimaces of yet to be employed English Literature graduates – I had no idea that he was going to boost my confidence in the way he did.

After graduating from UEA, I had taken the gigantic risk of leaving my secure, cosy home in Guernsey and signing an eleven month lease for a house with 3 students in Norwich – with no idea whether or not I was even going to be able to get a job. Bombarded with figures of rising unemployment and the sheer number of people going in for each job, (100+ applicants for a part-time administrative assistant job in just under 24 hours), I was a few words away from an application-induced breakdown.

Time was whistling past and funds were running dangerously low – and I found myself drastically lowering my standards – hysterically applying for everything, ANYTHING.
While in Guernsey awaiting my return to Norwich and job-hunting, I worked at an advertising agency where – during a particularly quiet afternoon – I scoured the internet only to come across UEA Graduate Internships which popped up on my Facebook side-screen, along with an advertisement for a ‘Social Media Marketing Internship’ at NBS. Safe to say, I was convinced that I would be disappointed once again but told myself to take one more shot at doing what I really wanted before relegating myself (in hindsight, I’m sure that I would have kept applying to what interested me most).
When I got an email asking me to interview, I could barely hold the kettle to make my boss a cup of tea because I was shaking so much.
You can imagine my walk to the interview room – I felt like a vibrating weeble.

When I met my friend in Tesco, I had known for just one day that I had got the internship (one of two posts), and was planning on indulging in Tesco finest paella to celebrate (yes – I may have graduated, but the cheap student mind-set still haunts me).
Turns out, he had also taken the plunge and decided to commit to Norwich without promise of a job, reaching application-induced psychosis within weeks and now feeling the pressure to apply for everything.

When I told him about my miracle internship, he replied with “Wow! That’s the Holy Grail, right there!”
I paused for a second and then answered “Yes. Yes it is.”

The conversation provoked in me a deep fear that perhaps I was over my head but also a sense of how incredibly lucky I was.
The moral of this short story – with a lot of hard work and a dollop of determination, you too can get the internship you deserve!
And God forgive me, you will be hearing about my exploits over the next 12 weeks as myself and James Galley attempt to meander our way through the fog of social media to a successful conclusion and hopefully perfect these new communicative methods!

But I won’t leave you hanging there – oh no. This blog is part of the attempt to increase the traffic to the NBS’s social media channels, and to give NBS students somewhere to discuss important issues, stay updated with the work of their academics and read interesting updates on the latest business opinion. So keep checking back!

Also check out the blurb I wrote for the Norwich Business School website. Same picture, different piece of writing!


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  1. Roy McLarty says:

    What a fascinating story. It just goes to show that its not only authors that need to persevere.
    Perhaps we should both read the book “Try Again” by Percy Vere. Well done!

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