Snowdrops Novel Competition

£10 Student Union voucher up for grabs!

DAILY MAIL – ‘Reads like Graham Greene on steroids’

Review the novel ‘Snowdrops’ for your chance to win a £10 gift voucher!

All Norwich Business School Undergraduates received a free copy of the book ‘Snowdrops’ when they registered. However, if you are a second or third year NBS student, you may also enter this competition if you have read the book.

Take your shot at winning a £10 voucher which you can spend at any of the Union shops; use it to buy groceries, supplies, stationary, party essentials or put it towards those all-important gigs at the Box Office!
In order to enter the competition and win the £10 Union voucher, all you have to do is write us a small literary review (it must be between 400 and 500 words) of the novel ‘Snowdrops’, and send it to Once it is up on the NBS blog under this category, get as many people to LIKE it as possible to win the prize.

Your review will be posted to the site ( in this category ‘Snowdrop Novel Competition’ under your name, and the link to your review will be emailed back to you so that you can begin to sell yourself – get your friends and followers to like your review, post it on your own social media channels and get as many people to LIKE it as possible. The person with the most LIKES and attention on their review will win the £10 prize.

As an extra upon winning, your review will be made into a proper blog post on Word Press, for which you will become the author. It will also be announced on our NBS social media sites as the winner.
Easy peasy!

There will only be one winner, and plagiarism will not be tolerated (we know the reviews which are already out!) In the event of a draw, the NBS support team will select an unbiased member to judge the best review.

The entries will not only be judged on intelligent content, but also spelling and grammar.

Please send your emails to with the email heading ‘Snowdrops Novel Competition Entry’.

The deadline for entries is Tuesday 23rd October 2012, at 9:00 am. Good luck!!


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