Making the most of Uni

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Arriving at University can be a pretty daunting experience, it’s most likely your first time away from home and fending for yourself, whilst sharing a flat with complete strangers. It can all get a bit too much but with a little help and some knowhow you can settle in and make the most of your first year at University.

One thing you may have noticed already is the bombardment of Facebook invites to freshers events, club nights, takeaway places & even societies, not only will they get to you via Facebook but also on your journey to campus with fliers coming at you left, right & centre. The trick is to know what you are interested in and then quite frankly cull the rest, unless you like the constant stream of notifications.

Though SocMart & SportsMart have been and gone it is not too late to sign up to any society, in fact you are at a slight advantage as you can join without the pressure. It’s always good to join a society related to your course it can be quite hard to meet people that aren’t from your flat, so socials with your course mates are the best way to get integrated. Sign up for a sport, all skill levels are catered for so whether you’re new to sport or wanting to join a team and represent UEA at the infamous Derby Day against The University of Essex. Most sports societies will also let you attend a training session just to try out so you don’t have to commit financially immediately.

Joining societies is by far the best way to meet people from around the University  (especially handy if you’ve been dealt a bad hand with your flatmates) it’s fine to be a bit nervous about speaking to people but don’t forget everyone else is in the same position. You’re all the new kid, make the most of it.

UEA has a great reputation for music with artists from all over the globe performing at our very own LCR, the biggest probably being Coldplay who also performed a live lounge in Blue Bar during Fearne Cottons show. Gigs occur throughout the year and tickets are available from the Box Office or online with artists such as Labrinth, Conor Maynard, Twin Atlantic, DJ Fresh & up and coming Icelandic band Of Monsters & Men with many more yet to be confirmed & tickets at around £14 right on your doorstep it’s hard to say no.

The Sportspark at UEA is the biggest in the country and as a student you get the cheapest prices going, £1.60 for off-peak gym or swimming and you can hire a court from £2.75. So if you don’t fancy signing up to sports societies then use Sportspark as much as possible, it’s a great way to let of some steam & burn off all the Dominos.

Being a fresher can be an expensive time and you don’t want to run out of money before you’ve even started so set aside a weekly budget for yourself, pay all your rent at the start of each semester (it makes it much easier to work out how much money you have) There are a couple of things you can do to save a few pennies: Set a limit and stick to it, suggest a communal shop to your flat mates and take it in turns cooking for the flat, try to get to the reduced section you can get some cracking deals & finally grab all the freebies you can (you will get given loads)

Get yourself into a routine, it will make life much easier when deadlines come round, make time for not just your uni work but for sports and going out. This will mean you are not reaching breaking point in the week leading up to deadline day consuming all of the Red Bull in the UFO. It may seem boring at the time but if you do little bits of work but often it will really help you out in the long run.

The Library
Make the most out of the library, you’re paying £9,000 a year to be here so use the resources, it will help you, add a library session into your routine a couple of times a week it won’t be as hard to drag yourself through those revolving doors. Plus in the winter when you’re in 2nd year and can’t afford heating The Library provides some welcome warmth.


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