Benetton Funds Young NEETs Global Competition!

Young People

The United Colours of Benetton celebrates the potential of young people through their new Campaign!
We are directing it towards our own UEA Graduates!

Unfortunately, as many of us are aware, being a graduate of university or college in these uncertain economic times can leave us frustrated. Perhaps you have spent your time building up a great portfolio, a bunch of great experiences and grade after impressive grade – however, some young people feel that they have emerged blinking into the light of the real world with little direction or opportunity.

Arguably, this generation is the first where the children will become less prosperous than their parents – a shocking thought for most of us. And on top of that, we are constantly battling unfair stereotypes which come along with being young; that we are lazy, ungrateful, un-motivated – the ‘playstation generation’. We battle daily the prejudices (by some, by no means all) that we are the privileged, the uninspired Generation Y.

Now, I am not naive enough to assume in any way – please don’t get me wrong – that these workers do not exist (possibly tenfold). But what this competition does, is give those of us who enter the workplace wanting to be inspired, useful and productive, an opportunity to show our potential beyond what is available to us.

Staring distantly into the craziness which is the current climate, looking rather terrified…
Unemployee of the Year

As a global campaign launched as a continuuation from Benetton’s UnHate Campaign which took place in November last year, this competition encourages NEET’s (Not in Education, Employment or Training) aged 18-30 to submit ideas which will lead to social impact within their community.
The posters for the campaign (seen above and below) show the NEETs in suits and office wear, further ironicising the problem – and producing an image for me of nervous recent graduates sitting unmovedly on their sofa at home, in full interview gear, simply preparing for the day they are hired. A dramatic thought, but not unlike the feeling we get when waiting to hear back from our ten-or-so applications.

Personality counts. Your ideas are different. YOU have something to offer which no-one else does.

The new United Colors of Benetton communication campaign presents a realistic portrait of today’s society by actively tackling a current problem, that of youth non-employment and the potential conflict between generations, in order to show it in a new light and create value for the immense human capital of young people”, said Alessandro Benetton, Chairman of the Benetton Group. “We can’t change the world, but United Colors of Benetton wants to use its voice to champion young people and celebrate their strength and value”.

Do you think that you could be one of Benetton’s “Unemployees of the Year”?
The competition, which is taking place at, invites young people to create an un-work-experience CV and submit their socially conscious ideas, which will then be voted upon by the Unhate community themselves. United Colours of Benetton will have no control over which project is chosen – it will be decided on entirely by the entrants. Submitting projects which contain a sense of social responsibility as opposed to simply straightforward entrepreneurial business is best – although both are obviously good!

Even better, 100 of the entrants will win 5,000 euros in order to fund a project that they’re passionate about!

Still undecided? Take a quick look at their campaign video:

This is a brilliant opportunity for any graduates or alumni under the age of 30 who want to make a difference but find themselves a little disheartened by their current situation. Grab this with both hands because it would show you taking that initial first step towards achieving your own goals.


For more information visit their webpage, where you can enter the competition immediately, or view the press release.


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