UEA Mentoring Scheme!

NBS Students – the deadline for the UEA Mentoring Scheme has been updated to the 21st October, and expanded to include 1st and 3rd year students as well as 2nd!

Getting involved with the Mentoring Scheme may just be the best decision you can make for your future.

If you haven’t already considered joining this scheme run by Careers and Employability, here is why you should (as someone who was a mentee myself):

  • You may feel, having not had any work experience before or any particular business contacts, that this mentoring scheme is beyond your knowledge or capabilities. However, through my own personal experience, I learnt that this scheme is the opposite! In my opinion, there is no better way to build yourself up. Having experience and contacts already helps to move your own goals along quickly, but you can also build right from the very first step with the right support.
  • As well as having your own mentor, you will also be allowed to attend the mentor/mentees networking events which will give you the opportunity to talk to many different people and build up contacts. As well as that, if your mentor and you get on really well, you may find that they are able to give you a reference, recommend you to others within their field of work, or offer you some employment with them (although this is obviously not a given).
  • You do not have to be sure of what you want to do.  This is important to understand. Obviously it is best if you have a clear idea as it makes matching potential mentors and mentees together much easier, but it is not required. I myself asked for a mentor who worked within one field, and then it took me weeks to pluck up the courage to confess that actually, in the time it took to apply, I had considered other options and was now unsure.
    This turned out to be much more positive than it sounds; my mentor could offer me advice about finding my feet as well as learning about other options alongside me.
  • The mentors are human, as are we. As much as we make mistakes, so do they. You are given a unique opportunity to go for coffee/meet with people who have most likely experienced as many ‘downs’ as they did ‘ups’ – and will be able to offer you some perspective, support, experience and general advice as well as the token careers advice and CV checking.

As a business student, contacts are key; as second years, you should all be trying to build up your address books and be getting involved in as many things as possible.

Most importantly, through the mentoring scheme, you will have a well-connected, well-informed individual who has made a commitment to help you personally advance your career or study – as long as you commit to them in equal measure.

If you want to find out anything more about the UEA Mentoring Scheme, just visit this link for details and a way to apply!


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