Social Media Marketing Intern at NBS – 2nd Instalment!

I like to see this as a jumper which is as excited to be here as I am!

Well, it has been an entire month since I started!
Where HAS the time gone?

Oh yes – channeled into social media, meetings, brainstorming, emails, writing, making contacts, blood, sweat and tears! But the learning experience has been SO invaluable!

Trying to get the blog up and running has been a big priority, and hopefully we are netting a number of people who will be willing to contribute (big shout out to all those I have emailed!)

So – the week of induction began!
From Thursday 20th September to today (26th September) and beyond, the Support Team has been scurrying around trying to make induction as stress-free as possible! Wednesday 19th September, the whole team got together and formed a factory line to make sure the induction packs and free hoodies were prepared – ready for the herd of Undergraduates.

Although it seemed like a slow start, we soon got the ball rolling and the International Students made their way down to Thomas Paine to be greeted by our enthusiastic selves!
If you were one of our lucky students, you may have seen James and I manning the desk outside the Diary Room, taking in your smiley face forms (yes, fun times!) and attempting to shepherd you in front of the camera!

There were a few hiccups – upon asking students to sign up to Facebook on our teeny tiny laptop, someone inadvertently changed the template to Chinese. Aesthetically it looked much cooler, but neither James nor I could decipher any of it and had to enlist the help of Sam to change the language settings back.

It seems the Diary Room had also happily settled into a bit of a coma since the last time it had been used. Suddenly awakened and forced to film over 70 people in the space of a few hours proved to be too much, and it died briefly through overheating. Needless to say, we soon revived it and it powered diligently on.

Thank you to everyone who conquered their fear of the Diary Room to give us some great material about being a NBS Undergraduate – check out the resulting video below! Great fun!

Do not fear embarrassment – check out James and I making fools out of ourselves for your benefit!

On a more general note: having an internship has been a great learning experience:

Already I have learnt how to use multiple programs and developed my own knowledge of how UEA works (the views of a student does differ quite largely from staff).
All those documents, updates to the website, introductory packages and instructions had to be meticulously created by a dedicated support team for your school. NBS is the largest school at UEA and so requires a lot of work to maintain standards and communications.
Being part of that has been really rewarding, and I couldn’t be happier with my internship.

Having gotten to the point now where I feel confident enough to take on responsibilities without being led, I am really getting a boost.
It also helps that the team itself is made up of twelve pretty awesome people (I’ve included myself in that – excuse my ego!) and it’s great fun! Always helps when you get along with your colleagues, (WE MISS YOU JANE!) and they give you the support you need as an intern, and more!

Keep coming back because I will update soon, and hopefully the blog will begin to take shape as we get more authors!


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