What do NBS students do once they graduate? We started Incredibli!


Studying at NBS for three years was an amazing experience.
University is great while you’re there but it can tend to come and go all too quickly and that question is always hanging over you: “What am I going to do after graduation?”

In our case, it was exactly the same.
We were both wondering what jobs we were going to apply to and there was always a concern about not landing a position on a respected grad scheme.
This was the case until earlier this year when we attended ‘Launch 48’ which is a hackathon style event where you build the foundations of a tech business in just 48 hours.  We both left with a new found passion for technology, startups and entrepreneurship and a hasty, but easy decision was made that we would start our own company after graduation.

We would both openly encourage anyone to explore their options for when they graduate.  Having the freedom to build and work on your own company is a great experience that you will benefit from immensely and we certainly haven’t looked back.

When we graduated in July, we set about working on a start-up and as a result we founded Incredibli.
Incredibli is an online way to collect money from the people you know for anything.  It can be used to collect money from your friends if you are organising a group holiday, perhaps you and your friends all want to chip in to give someone a great gift, or even if it’s an event that you’re organising.  If it involves collecting money from a group of people, then it can be done with Incredibli.

From our own experiences at uni, we know that the best times are had when doing things with other people and Incredibli is a great way of making things happen.  By creating a campaign with a description of what you are organising, a target amount to reach and inviting your friends to contribute, you can easily collect the money for something.

We know how hard it is to communicate with people when organising something.  Added to the difficulty of getting people to pay on time and of course there is always a risk you could end up out of pocket – but using Incredibli eliminates all of these.
You can easily see who has paid, how much they paid and how close you are to your target.

Having read a previous blog post by Dean Skutela about “making the most of uni” we would completely agree with his advice.
Being a student is an awesome time and our advice is to get involved in as much as you possibly can and take up every opportunity.  With the launch of Incredibli we’re hoping that it will allow students to create even more great opportunities and organise some great things.  By taking away the risk and worry involved with collecting money we hope more people will just get out there, do it and make more great things happen for their friends and themselves.

Incredibli is launching a private beta version during the week of Monday 5th November and we want to give UEA students priority access!

We hope that Incredibli will help people make their time at UEA even more incredible!

To be invited to the Incredibli beta once it launches please sign up on our website!

You can also like us facebook

And follow us twitter @Incredibli_

Or, we can be reached at hello@incredibli.com

Please feel free to get in touch!


Andy & Lauren

Co-Founders of Incredibli & UEA Grads 2012

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