2012 – the year Brands went stratospheric!

It seems that ‘sending your brand stratospheric’ was taken literally by more and more businesses in 2012.

For almost a year now, my social media channels have been plagued with numerous attempts by different brands to push theirs higher – faster – further.

If I had a brand to promote then my next step would certainly be to make my own makeshift rocket (cue secondary school science lesson flashback) out of a plastic bottle and some fizzy pop of some kind. Of course, I may not have the same global success but I’m sure it would grab the attention of my neighbours, if no-one else.

I don’t have ANY objections to them pushing these to new, exciting levels.
The first really noticeable example of it which grabbed my attention was by Google; during an introduction to their new Project Glass (a concept which I have written a considerably lengthy blog post about for NBS) they roped some team-members into taking part in a skydive (while wearing the glasses), followed by an energetic abseil (while wearing the glasses) and some bike stunts (while wearing the glasses).

I was sitting at home, contentedly eating my body weight in nachos – and by the end I felt so exhausted by the performance that I abandoned my food, unable to muster the strength to bring the chip to my mouth. I was suitably impressed.
And although I am not the most *ahem* complimentary of critics when it comes to the Glasses themselves, I did appreciate the performance.

More recently of course, there has been the Red Bull Stratos Live Jump (http://www.redbullstratos.com/).

Before the jump!
Before the jump!

After waiting patiently while it was postponed due to high wind, we all hung on and eventually the stomach-vomit-inducing jump was completed – with Austria’s Felix Baumgartner breaking the speed of SOUND in his free-fall jump – all in the name of Red Bull. And I do encourage you to watch the whole thing. It is awe-inspiring.

Well, if a man risking his life doesn’t get attention for a brand, I don’t know what will. Red Bull captured the imagination of their consumers and risked their necks (well, actually Felix’s) to show that they are willing to take risks and to push the concepts of ‘branding’ to the very edge.

And as much respect as I have for that guy – I have almost as much for the man/woman who made this Lego version. My life is complete.

Finally – my personal favourite. Possibly not the most death-defying as the other two as this one doesn’t include a person, but a little bar of KitKat chocolate – which contrary to its tagline, does in fact NOT break, despite being catapulted into space. It is only at the end when it explodes/disintegrates that my beloved bar is beaten.

It may be me simply deflecting onto an inanimate object, but to my eyes, as it rises up into the sky with the light reflecting off its wrapper, the Kit Kat has never looked happier!

As brands become more competitive and have to push the limits of their capabilities, I just hope that 2013 is as exciting as 2012 was!


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