Looking back at my Student Union Election Experience

The student elections!
The student elections!

Hello, my name is Bintu Foday and I am a 3rd Year Accounting with Management student, studying at NBS. I have been heavily involved with student representation in the Business School and have won the Union Award for Social Science Rep of the year for the past two years; I take pride in representing students on issues that concern them.

I have been a Part-Time Union Officer since my second year and I enjoyed working on different issues within the Union. This was one of the reasons I stood for a Full-Time position, as I knew I would be very happy working as an officer after graduation and a Full-time Position will enable me to get involved in higher decision making processes on matters that concerned students. I knew getting the job wasn’t going to be easy, it requires a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm – but I believed that I had what it took, so I ran in the Union Elections.

I had to campaign to students with my policies in other to get their votes. The week of campaigning was intense, I spoke to so many students in halls of residents both on and off campus and around campus and also spend one afternoon in the Edith Carvell building with the nurses. My 5 policies were simple but realistic; I was campaigning for Better Housing-off campus, Integration between students- from all backgrounds, faith and awareness of mental health, Nightlights-in student areas, Transport- to make it reliable and better and simply getting more students involved with the work of the Union.

After two weeks of hard work, I am so delighted that I won the election. I promise to work on each of these policies and also some others I came across whilst talking to the UEA community. I want to be the officer who represent the students. I have worked with students for the past three years and I understand the student community – so I know how painful it is to walk home from the library at 1am in total darkness!
I want to work with students on issues that concern them.

I found the elections even more challenging because my position was the only one that had 8 candidates, so I was running against seven strong individuals. In the end we all campaigned really well and so it was a blessing to have won. Thanks to my friends for reassuring me and to the Norwich Business School for their wonderful support and, finally, for all those who took their time to vote for me.

I know you voted for me because you believed in me and you know I will drive change and I look forward to a year of success!

election photo


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