Graduation- It’s Time to Celebrate!


Dr. Octavian Ionescu

Lecturer in Accounting at Norwich Business School

It’s finally here! Graduation Day 2013 arrives to put the cherry on the cake, to add a special treat to an already fantastic university experience. Students rejoice, as this is your moment of glory!

It’s the day you throw your hats up in the air and officially become members of a select club – the graduates here in the UK and all over the world are happy to welcome you as their peers. There are very few moments in life that can equal the intense feelings experienced at the graduation ceremony and the graduation day is bound to be on top of your lifelong memories of university life. Graduation signifies an end of an experience but also a beginning for new experiences. No matter what happened in the past and what might happen in the future, University of East Anglia will always be your alma mater (the Latin for nourishing mother), your academic fount of knowledge and inspiration. UEA is a mother you can come back to in the future and still feel connected to. You might leave UEA but UEA will never leave you and will always be in your hearts. These words come from my experience as I graduated from UEA with an Accounting and Finance degree, then I left UEA to pursue my career and many times returned with great pleasure. If I have to describe my graduation ceremony in three words these would be emotional triumphant walk. I am sure your experience of the graduation ceremony will be equally enjoyable and rewarding. It is primarily your merit for standing tall on this glorious day but you should never forget the people who stood behind you, supported you and contributed to your success. Never forget your parents, relatives, friends, the academics and the support staff who were there for you every day. Let their repayment be measured in your future successes and accomplishments.


As you taste these fine moments, take a moment to reflect on what you have gained in your university time and on how your strengths might help you in the future. Remember that help is always available if you need someone to talk to and whether you will start a new job, plan to do further study or just take some time off, it’s never too late to do want you want.

Go out there, face the world and make it a better place. You are well equipped for it. You are the new generation with new business skills who can and should make a difference to businesses of tomorrow. Start doing it and, above all, do different! Open the champagne! Cheers!


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