How do I start a life in ‘The Real World’?

IsobellWith graduation looming just a few months away, I knew that I needed all the help I could get for securing the first step in my graduate career. My instant fear of the words ‘assessment day’ and my fairly average interviewing skills had me slightly worried, to say the least. When I first discovered the Graduate Trainee Management Scheme (GTMS) I knew it was an opportunity that I couldn’t let pass. It gave me the prospects of not only improving the above, but potentially getting a job. The GTMS process was very simple, well structured and offered me potential employment from various employers.

I enjoyed a moment of selfish delight when I discovered that the scheme was offered exclusively to Norwich Business School graduates and the ratio of employers to graduates on the scheme was significantly better than the normal graduate job market! The assessment day, held as part of the GTMS, involved the various aspects you would expect from a normal interview process. During the day I had a number of online assessments, a team exercise and an individual interview. In retrospect, I felt that even if I hadn’t been shortlisted, I had gained a lot from the experience and feedback that I received anyway.

My role at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has been a thoroughly enjoyable and an invaluable experience. It has given me a better understanding and insight in to the NHS as well as providing me with a greater breadth of knowledge and skills in business. I feel that my degree has been incredibly useful, as I have been able to put it to use and see how it can work in practice. Critically, this role has enhanced my desire to pursue my interest in Human Resources, confirming my passion for HR and practically illustrating the importance of effectively orchestrating people within an organisation.

The placement has been well structured from the outset; we were presented with a programme of suggested training and shadowing we ought to consider undertaking. Each of us Graduate Business Officers were then given the choice of several different departments to work within so that we could get involved in their various projects. As a result, I was placed with Pathology and was given the opportunity to work for the Human Resources department.

IzzyI have found the staff incredibly friendly and very hardworking, which is has been an inspiration to all of us graduates. There has been a lot to learn from the other colleagues with their valuable experience and knowledge of the NHS. I have learnt so much already from being there three months that I expect I will learn a lot more in the remaining course of placement.

Posted by: Isobel Tubman

Norwich Business School are exhibiting and sponsoring the Norfolk Chamber’s B2B2B Exhibition on Thursday 17th October. This is an opportunity for employers to find out more about the Graduate Trainee Management Scheme, register their interest and discuss how they might benefit from our cost-free recruitment scheme.

Posted by: Bradley Cronk

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