PhD Student Series #1 – Joseph Phiri

My name is Joseph Phiri, a third year PhD student in Norwich Business School. My research entitled ‘Stakeholder Expectations from Performance Management Initiatives in Public Healthcare’ was given the Best Presentation Award during the just-ended joint NBS/BAM Doctoral Colloquium. The research is investigating how different stakeholder expectations may affect the impact and efficacy of healthcare programmes in the public sector. The background of the research emerges from antecedent experiences where initiatives intended for performance improvement and efficiency are perceived to have made no such impact but appear to have been adopted for legitimacy or symbolic purposes. Findings from this study will have important lessons to a range of stakeholders ranging from legislators and policy makers to managers of health services.

Joseph Phiri 1Reflecting on my presentation during the just-ended Doctoral Colloquium, I’m still trying to understand what could have enabled my work to receive the award of Best Presentation. One thing that comes out is that my approach to presentations is based on being simple, precise and concise. I have come to learn that presenting honest and accurate information tends to be more helpful and effective than trying to be complex and end up not being understood by the audience. I realise that a PhD is a game for the intellectually endowed but I also believe that the mark of an intelligent mind is to make complex ideas and concepts simple for the understanding of an average audience. I have also learnt over the years to admit when a member of the audience has observed something amiss in my work, rather than being overly protective using weak defensive mechanisms.

Posted by: Bradley Cronk


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