PhD Student Series #2 – Yichun Wang

It was truly an honor to attend the joint Doctoral Colloquium of Norwich Business School and British Academy of Management. As a PhD student with requirements for developing academic skills and networks, indeed, the Colloquium’s schedule of seminars and presentations were both inspiring and motivating.

Yichun Wang 1Becoming doctoral is a demanding and challenging process. An important part of this transformation involves interacting with our peers, the faculty, and a wider community. I feel it’s rewarding to learn from other professionals’ perspective on finance and broaden my own. It helps me understand the commitment that I’m making and what it will involve from the early stage of the research program. The opportunity gave me a first glimpse of learning and networking experiences that take into account continuing development in becoming an academic.

Apart from learning from great minds, another aspect that optimized the benefits was to introduce my work to the general audience. It is more of intangible skills that help me shape my work, highly personal to my own learning experience and needs. By presenting my work, I had a better understanding on how to carry everyone along with my talk. I built up more confidence in sharing my ideas and communicating with other academics. It also offered a self-reflective practice on the improvement of my current work and the refinement of presentation skills.

In summary, I feel that the colloquium was fruitful in fulfilling many of my goals and objectives, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved.  I am most grateful for being awarded a second place presentation by the joint colloquium committee, as well as for the enormous support and constant encouragement of my supervisory team.

Posted by: Bradley Cronk


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