PhD Student Series #4 – Ogbonnaya Chidiebere

I am Ogbonnaya Chidiebere, a third year doctoral research student in Norwich Business School. I am doing research in organizational behaviour, evaluating the effects of High Performance Work Practices (HPWP) on employee attitudes and well-being. HPWP represent a group of human resource management practices that allow employees utilize their work-related skills and abilities in ways that drive organizational growth.

Ogbonnaya Chidiebere 1During the 2013 Joint Doctoral Colloquium of Norwich Business School and the British Academy of Management Performance Management SIG, I had the opportunity to share part of my research with experienced researchers and fellow students. I also designed a research poster, which earned me the 2nd best poster award. My presentation at the Colloquium was titled ‘Compensatory payment systems: Do they promote desirable employee attitudes or intensify work’. In this study, I investigated the effects of three compensatory payment systems (employee share-ownership, profit-related pay and performance-related pay) on employee attitudes (job satisfaction, organizational commitment and trust), and simultaneously examined the mediating role of work intensification in these relationships. My study is unique in that Multilevel Structural Equation Modelling (MSEM), as opposed to the more conventional ordinary least square regression procedure, was used to examine hypothesized assumptions.

The colloquium offered me a great opportunity to showcase my research and receive constructive feedback from research experts and peers.

Posted by: Bradley Cronk


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