Dr. Yu Xiong Achieves Best Paper Award

Dr. Yu Xiong has recently win the best paper award for his government report in China National Forum on Science Park Strategy and Development, this is the highest level government forum of its kind, addressed by the deputy minister of Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Jianlin Cao.

Dr.Yu Xiong’s research contribution in this report is to answer the question: Why UK Innovation system is very suitable to be adopted by China, and why China should work with the UK on innovation. The suggestions are highly commented by the Chinese government official. The result is also very important to UK, as UK want to develop closer relationship with China in S&T.  In end of October 2013, Dr. Xiong was one of only 9 researchers to be invited to present in the China’s National Strategy Symposium, addressed by the Minister of Science and Technology in China, Mr. Zhigang Wang, after which, Dr. Xiong was asked to lead another project on China’s industry innovation policies, which would answer the question that how exactly China should work with UK. All the above initiative are backed by UK department of Business Innovation and Skills.

This government led research aims to identify the key problems that happen in China’s regional innovation system, and offer recommendation to the China’s innovation system development. The impact of this research has:

1. Significant issues identified in the China’s innovation system by this research,  including: a. Lack of collaboration between and across companies, more up stream and down stream collaborations needed. b. Weak service support to R&D activities, stronger incubator needed. c. No leading innovation entities, the enterprises have significant hesitation to invest in innovation.

2. The policy system in the regional innovation is hindering the innovation level in China, new policies needed to address the above weaknesses.

3. The research recommended four key missions for China to develop its innovation system: 1. Focusing on key industrial areas, and promote innovation in those areas. 2. Develop more comprehensive platform to support innovation in different stages with capital , technology, and market support for different type of companies. 3. Revise the policy to support innovation, create an environment that is good for innovation. 4. Create culture for innovation that people feel comfortable to innovate,  5. Finally, support internationalization.

4. The government acknowledge all the five recommendations and now promised to develop policies to address the issues found in this research.  Deputy Minister, Jianjin Cao, addressed the ceremony, where the report was given the best paper awards in the National Forum for China National Science Park Development Strategy, the most important regional innovation system forum in China, happen annually.

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