5 Minute Creativity Exercise

This blog is a short exercise designed by Ieva Martinaityte to fuel your creativity and provide you with creative solutions to any unanswered questions or problems that you are having. The exercise comprises of 5 simple steps:

1. Take a pen and paper!

2. Write down your question!
Write down a question, challenge, problem that you have. Do not think too much. Just write down any question which comes to your mind. Start with simple questions.

Here are some examples: How can I surprise my friend? What gifts could I get for Christmas? How can I improve my career prospects? How can I meet new people? How can I attract more customers to my business? How do I add value for my customers? How can I save more time?

3. Play the video!
Think about your question while watching the video. Try to connect  and look for the ideas to your question.

4. Play the video again and again!
Write down all ideas.

5. Select your favourite 3 ideas and try them!

Posted by: Ieva Martinaityte


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