#UEAVOTES! Kristina Zybina – Education Officer candidate

This week we have a guest post from Post Graduate Human Resource Management student, Kristina Zybina. Kristina is running for Education Officer this year in the 2014 SU Elections and needs your votes! She is super passionate about your student experience and the UEA itself, striving to further improve both.

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Our Student Union can mean many things – a fun night at the LCR, a juicy smoothie at the Hive, a convenient place for grocery shopping, a place to seek advice.  Generally, it’s a social resource we all enjoy.  However, it’s most important function is to represent the voices of students, to the faculty and to the world.  And if you elect me, Kristina Zybina, as Postgraduate Education Officer, I will make sure your voice is heard!

I’m a Postgraduate student at Norwich Business School, studying Human Resource Management. So far my student experience here has been ultimately wonderful and I definitely do not regret enrolling in UEA! Studying here is a real pleasure and seeing as I have an opportunity to help the University be the best for the student experience, I could not simply stay passive. Being passionate about helping people and knowing what Postgraduate students go through during their studies, I believe that committing my skills to the UEA Student’s Union will help to prosper the University.

I am fortunate to be a Student Course Representative for my Human Resource Management course.  As such, I already have valuable experience in representing the concerns of my fellow students.  Also, I have plenty of outside experience, hosting events and working where I can to make lasting connections with the right people – often from many different countries and cultural backgrounds.  If you give me your vote, I can make that experience valuable to you too!

There are several issues that concern us all.  Not all of us share exactly the same concerns, but as a fellow student, I know which issues are key.  For example, work experience is something we’re all looking for in the current job climate.  As Postgraduate Education Officer, I will stand for the same internship opportunities offered to Undergraduate students – we should have equal opportunities, after all!  I’ll help make your CV look just right for that dream job you’ll land in future!

Another central issue is feedback on our formative and summative coursework; often, there is too little detail to help us prepare for our exams.  I will pursue a change in that policy, so we get as detailed feedback as our Undergraduate brethren – and you can get the final grades you deserve!  I’ll help you land that Distinction in your diploma – assuming you study hard, of course!

Our academic advisors are often the best source of information for any problems we face – and sometimes, they can be vital lifelines.  That is something I’ll be working upon as well; I’ll insist on better involvement from our advisors.  Such involvement can sometimes work wonders on our grades – and you deserve that, too!

Of course, to achieve all this, I can’t do it alone.  I need your help!
How, you ask?

By giving me your VOTE!

Voting begins on Thursday, 13 March, at 09:00, and ends at 17:00 on Monday, 17 March.  You can vote in the LCR between 10:00 and 16:00 between those dates, or anytime online at https://vote.ueastudent.com/index.php/

Mark those times and dates on your calendars!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

E-mail: k.zybina@uea.ac.uk

FB: www.facebook.com/k.zybina

Twitter: @AzureChi (Kristina Zybina)

Or have a quick look at my site:

I’m happy to answer any queries or hear any comments you might have!  I’m very approachable and sociable – so don’t be shy!

Remember – Make a Difference, Share your Voice!
Kristina Zybina for Postgraduate Education Officer!



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