Why you should choose Norwich Business School’s Graduate Trainee Management Scheme: Bethany Blake

After hearing about Norwich Business School’s Graduate Trainee Management Scheme, I initially decided to apply for the scheme because I hadn’t settled on a definitive career path, and it sounded like a good opportunity to gain experience of assessment centres and interviews. I figured: why not?

However, after finding out more about the companies involved and the roles on offer, I realised what a good decision this had been. Having completed the assessment day on campus and carried out research in preparation for my interviews, I found myself really wanting to work for Cornwall Energy. And I was lucky enough to be offered a position there – I start in July!

Even if I hadn’t been offered a job through the scheme, I still think it is really valuable experience. You get to experience an assessment day, and everybody receives really constructive feedback that’s going to be useful when applying for future graduate jobs. It’s a win-win situation.

As well as this, most of the process takes place on campus, so it is really convenient and you’re in a familiar environment. This was my first ever assessment day and I think having course friends and Norwich Business School staff there made it a lot more relaxed that your average assessment centre!

I would definitely encourage students to apply for the scheme in future. This is only its second year but it is very successful and there will probably be even more great opportunities for students as the programme grows. And the odds of getting a job are pretty good too, seeing as you’re only competing with other students on the scheme, and not with applicants all over the UK!

– Bethany Blake (BSc Business Management)

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