#brandbitetuesday! Three lessons for our life, brought to us by Brand Learning

“Are we there yet?” Is what the most of us kept asking in our way to Brand Learning in a far, far place, apparently South of London. Once we got there, we instantly fell in love not only with the surroundings, but with the interior of the Brand Learning offices. After a well-deserved picnic style meal, Andy Bird, founder of Brand Learning, mentioned three things applicable to our professional lives that I absolutely were fascinated by and that I will never forget:


  • Be passionate. Although the term is over-rated, passion is still the biggest and most important motivator in life, whether is for our educational, professional, or our personal life. Passion is exactly what got me into the MSc Brand Leadership Course, and how I got the Scholarship that brought me to UEA. As Hegel used to say: “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” Hegel was absolutely right. It should be the driver for us to want to get up every morning, to get things done in a unique, positive and even contagious way; to start new challenges, or simply enjoy everything that is taking part of our lives.
  • Seize the moment, shape your own destiny. Opportunities in life have to be seized as they come. Our life, destiny, or whatever you might call it, will create all sorts of signs for us to acknowledge and therefore take action. Even if we’re a bit uncertain, it will give us a little push to make sure you take the right decision.
  • Balance your worlds, your life. It is extremely important to be successful, to be recognized, and to give 500% of effort, but it is also important to learn to balance both our personal and professional life. There is an old saying about the difference between living to work and working to live. Which is more important? I agree that it varies from culture to culture, but I also understand that the second one, working to live, is where the balance lies. It’s no use to focus extremely on work, if we’re not going to enjoy it with the people we love. Our lives are based on balances, a balance is what gives us peace of mind, what allows us to enjoy life.

It’s really curious, that during this visit, what actually stuck with me wasn’t that much about branding, but about life; the best practices we can apply to our lives, and in some cases, part of the reasons behind why we’re here at this exact moment in this right place: ay UEA, studying the MSc in Brand Leadership.

– Andrea Gomez-Beick, MSc Brand Leadership

To see more photos from this trip, visit the Norwich Business School Facebook page

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