#brandbitestuesday! Distinguished Experience by Issac Yu

As one of the Brand Leadership students, I visited Fitch on Thursday 24 March.
It wasn’t easy though, after staying in bus for around 3 hours and getting stuck in London traffic for 30 minutes.

The MSc Brand Leadership students outside Fitch
The MSc Brand Leadership students outside Fitch

A brand has to stand for something to distinguish itself out, so does Fitch who picture themselves as a brand agency that is embedded with bold thinking and seamless experience. The brand purpose can even be told through the layout of their office equipment, paintings, and models scattered everywhere in their office. We gathered at a conference room inside Fitch office where we were shown some of the cases that Fitch have been involved with.

Here are two ideas I got from their presentation for those who are interested in branding.

A brand is all about customer experience

The day has passsed when customers bought things for physical need only; they used to buy bread as food only, now they buy bread from Cake&Bake, a bakery who uses its brand to deliver heart-warming cakes and confectionery in Kuwait. Nowadays people buy bread for emotional bonding, because they love the bread and love a brand that has passion and love for baking.

For computer makers, selling computers is more than just a commercial exchange but a magic wand for realizing users’ dreams. Big computer maker, Dell, at IFA Technology Park, came out with its “learn to fly” zone where people designed their butterflies and unwound them with their own music track.

Sex can be the ultimate example of experience, which shapes how Fitch recently helped Ann Summers design a huge black rabbit in the middle of the store with a circle wall around it. Next to the bunny there is a brand promise board ”Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. Yes is the answer”. Customers may probably make a purchase in a store who believes that “Yes is the answer”.

A brand experience has to make people happy and excited. Moreover, a brand has to provide an experience that resonates with what people are dreaming about.

Ingredient Branding can be a good way in creating better experience

Whilst visiting Fitch we also did a branding case for Starbucks Coffee. We came up with many ideas to strengthen the authenticity of the Starbucks Coffee, e.g. drawing a map on the floor to show how coffee beans are transferred to warehouses and later sent to Starbucks stores; showing how cooks makes the cookies; building an app to invite thousands of people to take pictures with their coffee from Starbucks.

From my point of view, the core idea of building customer experience is how to meet customers’ emotional needs and offer intuitive ways to fulfil their needs through a better engagement.

Issac in action, at Fitch
Issac in action, at Fitch

– Isaac Yu (MSc Brand Leadership)
Norwich Business School (UEA)

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