21st May 2014 – Sir Richard Heygate | Norwich Business School

On the 21st May, Norwich Business School will welcome renowned businessman and writer, Sir Richard Heygate. As a businessman, Sir Richard is chiefly known for being part of the team which created the world’s first on-line cash machine, and for a long career as a McKinsey & Company partner. Whilst at McKinsey, he started a successful CRM company, which became a UK leader before its acquisition by a corporate company. Since then he has been involved in 3 high tech start up`s and one involved in creating a China UK investment vehicle and networking group.


Together with both Sir Richard and Sir Paul Judge, Norwich Business School’s Senior Lecturer in Operations Strategy and Management, Dr. Yu Xiong, is currently working on a national programme across the UK to help top talented Chinese students to start businesses, alongside the 7th China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge.

If you are interested to know more about the programme then feel free to join us on the 21st May in TPSC 2.04 1:30PM-2:30PM, all are welcome.

This event is supported by UEA Student Entrepreneurship and Employability office.


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