Advancing Knowledge in Business

Like that other great should-I-shouldn’t-I summer thought (ice-cream) Masters degrees come in different flavours. Some are designed to allow students to ‘swap’ subject; for example a history graduate would like a career in marketing, and therefore a Masters in marketing is the perfect gateway.   Others are designed to allow you to specialise, say our MSc in Brand Leadership. Others are for those who have significant post-graduate work experience, e.g. an MBA. Whilst others are taking knowledge of the subject even further, say, a business graduate who want to know more/stand out in business.

For increasing numbers of graduates, the next step is a Masters degree. In countries like Germany, France and China, a Masters degree is seen as not just that valuable extra, but often one of the essentials seen in job specifications. Even countries such as the UK that were historically focused on the first degree, the Masters degree is increasingly a differentiation of skills in the market.

Our Business School Masters have gone from strength to strength through innovations and increasing choice within our MSc portfolios. Yet a number of students have asked for a Masters designed for business graduates that takes them further. As a business school we believe in the approach of listening to the market and last year created the MSc Advanced Business Management.

It is a special MSc in that it has a business dissertation in the third semester (summer). Many MSc degrees have replaced the dissertation in favour of using the time for additional taught modules. But we know some students really value the time the research dissertation gives, to delve deep into a business subject they love.

The best MBA programmes (like our own) are post-experience. And this is often substantial, e.g. a minimum of three years experience in a position of responsibility meaning that MBA students are frequently 30years+ and have experience as managers/directors. What of the 20years+ business graduates who want a similar advanced broad education /qualification in business in looking for more options moving towards senior management?

Our MSc Advanced Business Management is open to all business graduates (minimum 2:1 degree) looking for the next step in their business career. One year full time – starting in September- our course offers two semesters of taught modules followed by that summer dissertation. The modules cover the latest knowledge in all the business areas you need to know in management: Advances in Financial Management, Marketing Theory And Practice, Innovation and Technology Management, Delivering High Performance, and a speciality of the Business School, Business Regulation And Corporate Governance. Before you have the chance to develop real research skills (Business Research Methods) and you have the time to explore in depth a real business issue of your choice.

Sounds like you and your future? Contact Rose ( who will help you. #dodifferentdobetter

p.s. as for the ice-cream I go generalist and advanced – something of everything with a chocolate flake and sauce and…

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