Meet Sujit Narayanan, 2013 Full-time MBA alumnus

Sujit for blog

It is the time of the year when you are preparing to make a big decision whether to do an MBA. I know the feeling too well. This time in 2012 I had a great job in Saudi Arabia as the Operations Manager for the Swiss based Mediterranean Shipping Co. I had to make a decision on whether I wanted a stable and financially satisfying job or do I dare to be different and start a business on my own in the next 3-5 years?

I lacked knowledge on how to start-up and manage a business on my own. My elder sister was very supportive and advised me to do an MBA. An MBA from a UK University was an obvious choice for me. The British educational system, world class facilities and the business culture made the UK the best country in which for me to do an MBA. I researched other UK Universities and had offer letters from six different business schools before picking the best – Norwich Business School.


The course features that led to my selection were:

  1. The January start – It worked well as I was planning to resign from my job and do an MBA.
  2. AMBA Accreditation – The only accreditation which ranks the business school and not the entire University. As an MBA student, I was interested in the features and facilities of my School and not the University.
  3. CMI Level 7 Diploma in Professional Consulting – A diploma at no additional cost, along with membership to the Chartered Management Institute.
  4. Consultancy Projects – Practical experience working on two projects rather than end of year dissertation paper.

Once I had applied to UEA, I was interviewed via Skype by the Course Director himself, Andy Vassallo, and had a frank discussion on the expectations of the course and how I would contribute to the student cohort. After the interview I received my offer letter in two days and I confirmed it immediately.


Arriving in Norwich during the winter was amazing as it was the first time I saw snow!


Academically the modules are well structured and the teaching staff are amazing. Imagine senior managers and directors of some Fortune 500 companies teaching you the basics of Accounting, Human Resources etc.! It is also very personalised teaching as the class size is kept small. I feel I learn more from the experiences of my lectures and colleagues than from books. It has enabled me to see the bigger picture on business news, anticipate its impact on my life and my business. I have really enjoyed my classes in Human Resources and have a lot of ideas to implement in my business.


The best part of my MBA is the friends I have made in my classes. They bring in a wealth of work and life experience that amazes me every day. I feel lucky and am proud that I belong to this close-knit family.


In January 2014 I will complete my MBA, I hope to make use of my new knowledge and networks I’ve created to get a job in the ICT Sector as a Consultant. I believe my engineering background and my MBA will enable me to get placed in a reputable organisation.


So good luck in advance with your application and I hope to see you at Norwich Business School soon!


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