Alumni success story: Ian Micallef – MSc Brand Leadership

Ian Micallef

Hi Ian! You were part of the class of 2012 on our MSc Brand Leadership course. Tell us, what are you doing now?

I’ve been working as a freelance sensory strategist. I’m currently contracted with Bluemarlin brand design in London. My role involves advising a team of brand representatives from Shell, on the design of their emotional and multi-sensorial brand strategy. I’ve also just signed a 3-month contract with Design Bridge, which commences this month – I’m super excited.

How do you think the course prepared you for your working life?

Only once you’ve started working do you appreciate the course’s immense value. As brand leaders, we are fortunate enough to learn relevant skills from industry leading professionals and respected business experts.

Each lecture, working case study, master class session and trip out has given me a comprehensive understanding of our industry. I believe I’ve inherited rigour, confidence and creativity from the course and I’m using these to improve my everyday work-related tasks.

What advice would you give to the current Brand Leadership students?

Be ambitious – Set off on your next journey with a backpack full of ambition. Try to claim your own branding territory and remember that only you stand in your way of success.


team gnaw
Ian, with the rest of Team Gnaw, as part our our Brands in Action module

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