Business Visit by Burberry and Net-A-Porter by Lidia Barrientos and Punnaboot Hanchalay of MSc Brand Leadership

Today was the last business visit day in our Brand Leadership course for the winter term. Our destinations were Burberry and Net-A-Porter. Arriving first at Burberry headquarters in London, everyone was very impressed by every touch point of an aspirational brand. Burberry is so fascinating!

We began our learning by having a small tour in a marketing floor. On this floor, we met many enchanting teams such as a communications team, a digital team, a multi-media team, an architecture team and so forth. We also met the designers who go behind the scenes for new packages of Burberry’s products. Until now, two things that stick in our minds are unbelievable of a huge in-house creator teams and the everyday event people. The first reason for this sticking point is the intelligence of utilising its employees, who have Burberry’s spirit, to transfer its identity into its product rather than using subcontractor or agency. The second reason is a very dedicated workmanship, for example, the event team; they arrange Burberry’s event more than 365 events per year. This fact is incredible!

After finishing a small tour, we all were in the meeting room and exchange points of view from three representatives of Burberry. Since many people might see Burberry’s logo, they might not notice that there is a word on the flag of the knight, neither do we. The word on the flag is ‘prosum’, which means to go forward. This word portrays us to Burberry’s culture and the direction of it, as it never stop making great strides in its business. From this activity, we also learn that Burberry is not only proud of its heritage, but it is also proud to satisfy its customers with the innovation. The last campaign that they showed us was about ‘My Burberry’, which is their new fragrance. The communication campaign was created on a big billboard in the centre of London. It allows people to interact and participate with the brand so that they will have a personalised experience. When people pass this billboard, they can create their customised billboard with their monogram. According to Burberry representatives, many people participate in this activity more than once, and they share their pictures on Instagram and other social media platform. With its outperform and stunning products, we truly believe Burberry is very felicitous with its tagline ‘An Iconic British luxury’ brand.

P1120268 We continued our trip to an Industrial Park outside of London to NET-A-PORTER, the high-fashion online retailer. In the offices we had a lovely and productive talk with its retired CEO, Mark Sebba and some of his colleagues, where we had the opportunity to get closer to know how the business has grown, its concept of revolution the retail online shop, its operations in this plant, London and the rest of the cities where they are present.

With this presentation they additionally showed us some key ideas under which they work with, for example that the customer is the head of everything, as well as the three pillars they consider are a vital part of its business: first, the customers, second, the team (work); and third, the designer brands they sell.

After concluding the talk, we got changed into helmets, safety vests and very big and heavy shoes and kept on the guided visit to the huge cellars where they keep the most exciting part of the tour, the fancy clothes! And also the process they have with all the orders they receive, which are approximately 28,000 per week in the UK.

In here, surrounded by racks, we saw how the employees operate with the computers and scan the placed orders and even some of us had the chance to do it by themselves.
Undoubtedly, an experience to remember for their ideologies, shared experiences, and of course, the exciting opportunity to get close to a part of the fashion world.


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