Did I choose the right University?


lin TPDid I choose the right university? The answer is absolutely Yes. I am from Malaysia, and a full time MBA student at The University of East Anglia, better known as UEA.

I started my course January 2015. I chose UEA as my first choice of university because of its reputation. UEA is very well known worldwide not just because of its good ranking but also of its study environment. I got in touch with UEA through a UEA ambassador based in my country, who

is also a former UEA MBA student. She was so helpful and informative. She provided me with a proper guideline on how to choose a university to study in the UK. Judging by the excellent historical records and past great achievements of UEA, I believed that this is the place that I was looking for. I had confidence in UEA, which has definitely provided me with the perfect comfortable learning environment in order to achieve my ultimate goal – an AMBA accredited MBA.

The MBA cohort is truly diverse with different professional backgrounds and working experiences. They came from a wide range of industry sectors, from law firms and baking to IT and Pharmaceutical. The class consists of 27 students from more than 20 nationalities. It is so amazing to have access to a huge network connected to the world from different countries. It is the experience of a lifetime being part of this big family.

I was so impressed and pleased with the resources provided to us, being taught and briefed during our induction weeks. My specially designed classroom is in the Thomas Paine Study Centre and is well equipped with sophisticated multimedia facilities such as digital white board, computer, sound system and big flat screen TV. The staff at Norwich Business School are so helpful, resourceful and friendly. The lecturers are highly qualified and have many years of teaching experience. The impression I have is that they are sincere, caring and keen to teach students and this fills me with confidence to do well in all my MBA modules. As well as this, there is a personal academic advisor system where each student is assigned to an advisor, who will guide and help them at any time anywhere when needed. This enhances the sense of belonging to the student.

At last and not least, I have truly no regret to be the part of the member of UEA’s family. To me UEA is ultimate attribute of excellence.

andy and lin 11007693_10200347087636344_895022624_nuea sunset


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