Executive MBA students excel in Prague

Every March our Executive MBA students head to Prague for a week of intensive Management Consultancy Projects.

This year five teams of students worked separately with Tesco, O2, Domov Sue Ryder (the Czech Republic’s leading provider of social care), Tchibo and LEGO.  Students worked with the companies whilst they were in Prague, delivering a presentation at the end of the week to senior management and are now finalising their written reports outlining the detail behind their recommendations.

For Tesco, the team conducted a competitor analysis on a new online operator and assessed the level of threat with associated response recommendations.  O2 required advice on customer retention following the implementation of an automated helpline service. Domov Sue Ryder were seeking clarification and a road map for the implementation of a Balanced Business Scorecard. Tchibo wanted a business model review following a restructure and launch of a click-and-collect service bring together their online and bricks and mortar retail operations. LEGO asked for a holistic review of the systems and processes within their Kladno facility, LEGO’s largest packaging operation in Europe.

The students conducted interviews, focus groups and carried out relevant surveys in addition to desk research to underpin practical recommendations on how to address the challenges defined in project briefs written by the clients.

The client companies were impressed by the students ability to translate academic theory into practical advice with real commercial value.  We were told that this was the first time LEGO has ever worked with any University students outside of Denmark and the management were so delighted with the work done by the students that they were allowed to choose any kit from the LEGO range to take home to the UK, an offer sadly not extended to the Course Leader – although I hope my disappointment doesn’t show in the photo below (I am fourth from the left..)

Thanks to all those involved in setting Prague Project week up and to our students for making it such a success.

Executive MBA trip to Prague


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