Lidia Barrientos Galicia of MSc Brand Leadership on Marty Neumeier’s masterclass: Metaskills, five talents for the robotic age


It was a while since the last time our class had a lecture, so this day of master class was a good opportunity to catch up and get reunited with nice people 🙂

Before the event, we had the chance to take a quiz related to the book and subject of the conference: The Metaskills, five talents for the robotic age, with the purpose of revealing how we are talented according to this five Metaskills, which are feeling, seeing dreaming, making and learning, and as well as get us more into the topic. We had the pleasure to have the presence of Marty Neumeier, the author of this book, directly from California; during the hour, he exposed to some of us and more people that attended the talk, how the Industrial Age has taught people to break problems into parts, but not how to build these parts into solutions. As well as how is the success in the post-industrial era that, requires people to move thinking from the static, the linear and the step-by-step to the dynamic, the holistic and the all-at-once. He also enhanced the importance of empowering the individuals, the dignity and respect and that collaboration must not convert into competition. At the end, some of us had the chance to take photography with him 🙂

Later, after the lunch, in a smaller group and as a part of the BrandAid project, we had the opportunity to listen a talk from people of Equal Lives, which is a user-led organisation that helps people of all ages who face disabling barriers, to empower themselves to lead independent lives through information, advice and advocacy.

After the presentation, they exposed their necessities and expectations as our clients, like:

  • Expand beyond Norfolk and Suffolk, throughout all England.
  • Attract customers to invest in their organisation.
  • Improve how they deliver their services.
  • Reinforce their philosophy and what they stand for with their personnel and especially with people in telemarketing.

Later, we were split in three teams with the purpose of working under three proposals:

  • A simple brand proposition.
  • A brand-led internal change programme that is easy to do and effective.
  • A review of the external brand campaign to ensure it will be impactful but inexpensive.

With this new project, we will have the chance to work together again as well as implement our knowledge and experience and the gain of curricular value.

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