My life on the UEA MBA


I had unforgettable moments during our trip to Hill Top Outdoor Centre and in completing my first management consultancy project; I learnt the true meaning of teamwork and challenges. I enjoyed working together with my team especially in the consultancy project as my peers are so helpful and kind and were willing to teach me and work collaboratively to complete the challenging task within two weeks. Obviously, without teamwork the project could not be completed.

227In May, NBS organized a day of outdoor team building activities at Hill Top.  The purpose of this event was to understand more about my consultancy project team members, and it helped to enhance and strengthen our teamwork. In both the team building and consultancy project I have learnt the leadership concept and how to become a good leader. This really comes down to a very simple concept – the leadership structure must be well defined and visible. Teams at an individual and group level need to fully understand the team structure and feel confident that the team is there to completely support them. Every team operates with its own hierarchy, however when that hierarchy becomes too steep fundamental problems begin to appear. When the team becomes unreachable and interaction between leadership and members is severely limited, a lack of clarity on both sides always leads to inertia and eventual mistrust.

11390368_10200680955662836_202169096413287396_nOur management consultancy project is doing very well and everything is going so smoothly without any unintended conflict among us.  In order to achieve success, every team needs a clear understanding of the task set out in front of them.  No matter how fantastic the vision of a project is, if those expected to implement it don’t fully understand the concept or the specifics of their position in the vision it will never come to fruition.  Communication works both ways and every individual in the team should feel confident in having their voice heard.  Without the confidence to speak up, teams can drift through projects without raising legitimate concerns that were overlooked in development or suggesting improvements.  It is also a powerful motivating tool giving me and my teams a greater sense of ownership of a project.  There are numerous factors that can destabilize the harmony of a team, all of which can be averted by strong, present leadership. Overly aggressive competitiveness, a lack of direction or simple personality clashes can all destroy teams if left unchecked. To keep teams performing, we need to be constantly aware of the dynamics of a team and their constant development. Team harmony and trust takes time to build up, individuals need to be encouraged to find the most effective way of working together and build trust in our own and each other’s abilities.  Our consultancy project mentor, Andy, is a very helpful person and good at mentoring. He creates an environment of trust, belonging, understanding, support, and encouragement for a diverse workforce. This gives us an opportunity to voice our concerns, overcome hurdles, and find solutions. As a result, it inspires us to perform to our highest ability.

And last but not least, the MBA program has given me a chance to learn from my peers and enhance my leadership skills. This precious moment is a life-time experience.

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