Over half the way through my MBA, where have the months gone!


I cannot believe that July already gone, time is just flying away so fast. Every month that has passed at Norwich Business School has been an exciting experience that requires time and effort. Getting used to making new networks, meeting new people, living in Britain, working hard and long hours with my classmates.

The course requires a lot of hard work on a daily basis, and I really enjoy it because I am learning amazing new things.  The MBA has a strong vision of future, however I know that life is a journey and it requires consistency, discipline and hard work every day, as I already mentioned before. This month has been very intense and there are some assignments coming right up including Operations and Logistics, Investment Appraisal and Valuation and Brand Now.

The MBA program is giving me the chance to have fun and learn through amazing activities about different business and sectors. For instance, on July 8, 9 and 10 we visited London where we went to the Bank of England, the Arsenal Stadium and we had a great speech by an expert from PWC. All activities were great and full of fun where I learned new things that I can apply in business.

Arsenal Stadium picI would like to talk in detail about our visit to the Arsenal Stadium, because it was a completely new world to me where we understand how the stadium works its Operations and Logistics thanks to the conversation that we had with the operations manager. To me it was a great opportunity to better understand this area and now even better because I am working on my next assignment that is the same topic. First of all, we had the opportunity to explore areas such as Directors box, home and away changing rooms, players tunnel, and pitch side into the stadium. The tour was very exciting, however the most interesting part to me was the conversation that we had with the operations manager from the Arsenal Stadium. He was very kind with us and he answered all the questions that we had. The Arsenal Stadium has a capacity of 60,432 people and it is the third largest stadium in England, the operations and logistics of this stadium is huge and one of the most important areas in this business. To manage this, they have to have a perfect coordination with its people and suppliers to give good service to the people concentrated here at the same place. Now I have more clarity about the real operations department in a business that I can apply to my next assignment and in real life.

What I really like from the MBA at NBS is that we can see the real world, not only through the lectures but also with the activities that we have as part of the course that make me understand better every area that is important in every single business.


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