My experience at UEA has been life changing by Jennifer Agwunobi of MSc Marketing

Jennifer at our end of term BBQ
Jennifer at our end of term BBQ

My experience at UEA has been life changing.

That being said, the motto of Norwich Business School is “Do Better” and I feel like this is exactly what I have been encouraged to do since I started. To delve out of my comfort zone in order to excel and challenge myself to the max – this has been exceedingly rewarding! In that, I have grown as a person and acquired so many skills along the way.

My first degree was BSc Economics at another university, that particular course was very abstract and consisted more so of core mathematics basis rather than applied economics. I decided to do MSc Marketing at the University of East Anglia and I was pleasantly surprised to come to UEA and be welcomed to real life content that could be implemented in real working life. Working with real data and partaking in real projects has been invaluable. Every module has taught us the core components required in addition to thoroughly applying the said theory to real life, it has been truly rewarding. This sense of application is what will provide us students with the confidence and self-belief at any role we partake in, in the future.

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At UEA, entrepreneurialism was instilled from the very beginning – this was exceptionally admirable. In fact our first semester of modules alone was like a starter kit for a new business, accounting, management and marketing. It has been astounding and I have learnt so much!

Furthermore, I became the President of the UEA Entrepreneur Society within weeks of starting at UEA. I took the society from dormant to thriving in the course of the year. I even ended up winning two awards at the UEA Union Awards 2015, ‘Society Honours’ for my contributions to the society and ‘Most Improved Society’. We ran successful events such as Solomon Akhtar from BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ coming to UEA to do a talk, which inspired students! I also interacted with local businesses and was recently asked by IoD Norfolk (Institute of Directors) to do a talk about digital strategies. I was invited to national business conferences such as one in Liverpool to which I got to spend an inspirational weekend in Liverpool learning about all things enterprise! I organised a hackathon with the computer science society, which involved a weekend of coding, app making, presentations and entrepreneurialism. Throughout the year, we organised, assisted and attended a magnitude of events that have made a difference to numerous students’ lives. Many have gone on to start businesses and acquired funding too – this makes me so happy to know that I have impacted people in a positive way! I also founded the UEA Fashion Society which became a community that brought students together via fashion, photography and individualistic style, one of the key things we do was street style photography on campus as well as give members the opportunity to attend fashion shows such as London Fashion Weekend! I created the social media platforms for both societies and kept all the members up to date with what was going on internally at UEA as well as opportunities externally.

Jennifer winning an employability prize for our Management Skills and Personal Development module
Jennifer and team winning an employability prize for our Management Skills and Personal Development module

I was the Postgraduate Representative at the NBS executive board meetings and it was always an incredible honour to witness how much goes into every aspect of a students life and to witness the genuine care for the success and wellbeing of students coming from the NBS staff. Little notions stemmed from these meetings made all the difference, for example the NBS has a study/common room for students which had significant amounts of course books for students to use, it also got computers and as well materials that increase breadth of awareness such as the Financial Times. It provided a space for students to study, meet etc. Not to mention, a dedicated Postgraduate room in the library with lockers!

UEA is certainly exceedingly different coming from a primarily London based university. Waking up to and strolling through such greenery is somewhat soothing – the scenery is beautiful, uplifting and inspiring. The campus alone is an antidote and symbolic of the upmost care for welfare of the students.

I have met many life long friends from all walks of life and have been inspired by the general ethos and spirit at UEA. From the get-go, it was very evident that there was a ‘family’ vibe to it and the feeling of belonging.

I am happy that I chose UEA to further my education and I’d highly recommend others to apply!

This post was written by Jennifer Agwunobi of MSc Marketing. You can stay up to date with Jennifer on her  fashion blog

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