Want to get into University but didn’t get A level/BTEC results you needed ?

Want to get into University, but didn’t get the A-Level/BTEC results you needed?
… neither did I back in 2003. While I completed my BTEC in Computing, it wasn’t a distinction by any means and my best GCSE was a grade B. I watched several of my classmates go off to study Computing Science at Universities across the country thinking what’s next for me?

Well, University was no longer an option, but I decided to go for a modern apprenticeship as an IT Technician. What followed was a fantastic year learning new skills on the job, whilst being paid. Following this, I found further IT support work and eventually sidestepped into a successful freelance training career, initially with the NHS, that led to UK wide work in both the private and public sector.

This lasted until summer 2010 when the work all but dried up due to the financial crisis at the time. Sadly training is one those areas that most organisations cut when faced with financially difficult times. So, I found myself once again wondering what was I going to do? Could I go to University I thought? By now I was 25, but still I was plagued by those results, as I knew any university would need to consider them.

So, I decided to look at UEA’s courses and settled on BSc Business Information Systems given my enjoyment of both computing and business. After a few helpful calls to UEA, I was encouraged to apply, and apply I did. To my astonishment, I was given an unconditional offer to study in the School of Computing Sciences from September 2010. What I discovered was that my time in the workplace more than compensated my mediocre results at GCSE and College.

The moral of this brief, and reflective story is, do not give up on getting into University, especially if that is what your heart is set on doing, even if you feel your results are not what you necessary think you need! You might be surprised and get a place through clearing! Failing that, consider alternatives such as apprenticeships, like I did, and then someday, try again when the opportunity presents itself.

Who knows, one day, you may be sat where I am today, doing a PhD, following getting that first in your Bachelors, and distinction in your Masters!


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