NBS Graduate Support Programme

NBS Graduate Support Programme

We want to make sure you’re able to use your NBS degree to make the most of the opportunities available to you in the graduate jobs market. As a result we’ve invested in a programme of support tailored for you.

Details about the package, and next steps on how to take advantage, are included below. If you’ve got any questions though just let us know at nbs@uea.ac.uk.

  • Personal Career Consultation & Coaching

It might help to talk through where you are, where you’d like to be, and get some tips about the steps along the way? Whether you feel you’ve got an idea about where you are headed, or if you feel completely lost.

As an NBS graduate you can use a 1:1 consultation to ask any questions you’ve got and get support building your plan and identifying your next steps. You can then access your coach to help progress your own Personal Development Plan up to the point you are happy with your employability situation.

This could be done in person, if you are in Norwich, or remotely via Phone or Skype if it’s more convenient. To book your first consultation, and start your career coaching, you need to register by clicking here.

  • Personal Business Mentor

It might help to speak to someone in business, particularly if you’re curious about a certain role or sector? This could be a great way of expanding your network, and speaking to someone friendly “on the inside” who can give you practical tips and advice.

As an NBS graduate you can access careers mentors who are professionals working in a sector you’re interested in, and matched to you based on your preferences and aspirations. All you’d need to commit to would be a few conversations (typically via email, skype or phone) to help them help you.

You can start the matching process by clicking here. Please can you also put “NBS Graduate Support Programme” in the extra comments section so we can help support you.

  • NBS job alerts and special access to opportunities

It might help to get some pointers on specific jobs in the market, which are relevant to students with an NBS degree? At the same time it make be worth considering opportunities which are only open to UEA graduates, to really maximise your chances of success in the market.

We’ve arranged for a team to identify, vet, and promote opportunities especially for NBS graduates. This is being delivered through our “100 days of jobs” campaign on LinkedIn, all you need to do to see these jobs is join the NBS LinkedIn group.

Also, as an NBS graduate, you will get priority access to the UEA internship programme. The majority of these vacancies are only open to UEA students, so you will have a lot less competition in the market place. All UEA internships are fully paid, and you can find out more and register click here.

  •  Meet recruiters, get advice from hiring managers, and learn from businesses

At the start of November NBS will be delivering an even bigger “Employability Week”, which should involve over 50 different companies. If you still need help then, you might want to pop back to campus to take advantage?

Employability Week events taking place every day from 2nd – 6th November. This year the programme is bigger than ever, and includes employers from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds – from the biggest FTSE 100 to small businesses and micro start-ups. The current plan includes events covering careers in; finance, sales, marketing, accounting, smes, insurance, the third sector. Plus lots of interactive workshops, and sessions delivered by recruiting employers. All involving businesses who are explicitly interested in NBS graduates.

For the first time we are opening up a small number of places for recent graduates. It may also be possible to provide a small bursary to cover travel and accommodation costs (subject to us identifying sufficient budget, and applicants meeting certain criteria) if you are returning for the week from outside the region.

We don’t recommend you wait until November, but if you think you might benefit from attending this year’s Employability Week and would like more details about the bursary please email nbs@uea.ac.uk explaining that you’d like to register your interest.




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