The Full-time MBA – four months to go


Estrella blog septIn this month of September we have had different activities, which will help tremendously once we finish the MBA course. Personally, I think one of the most important activities was our second panel of interviews, but this time was with an extra challenge. We were filmed when we were having our interview and also there was another professional who we saw first time.

He was a director from a company, and he has 35 years of work experience. Thanks to the footage we can realise about our opportunity areas in an interview and work on it once we get out first real job interview, in my opinion this is very helpful to improve our interviews and continue practicing until we do it perfectly.

We also have an advisor who is helping us with all doubts that we have about our curriculum vitae and how to start applying to jobs. I am very lucky because I have an advisor who understands me perfectly and she is giving me the best advise about how to continue with my professional career.

On the other hand, we started our second consultancy project. There are four months to go! I´m so excited to have started this consultancy project. This is my last project and one of the most important in the MBA course.

This time, there are five people in the team from different backgrounds such as Finance, Marketing, Investment, Hospitality and Auditing; this is a team full of experience and great personalities as leaders. We will advise an English company about five years of business strategy. It is a business focused on services business, it is an Adventure Park business.

In our first meeting we had the opportunity to go to the clients grounds where the Adventure Park is located. It was such a good experience because our client was very open and we all expressed our thoughts and opinions about the project that we are going to start. We talked about the business expectations and the analysis that we will be performing during the next two months.

We made a list of things to do in order to prepare our services proposal and we also walked and saw the whole park.

We have a mentor, who actually is one of our lecturers and she also coursed the MBA program four years ago. Our mentor is always giving us the best direction in this project.

So far, it is going very good and it is so exciting just to work with amazing people such as my team , my mentor and my interesting client.

I can not wait to continue working in the coming, last months of this amazing adventure.


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