Winter is fast approaching and my MBA is almost finished

autume linAutumn is almost at an end and winter is approaching – a clear sign that my MBA course at UEA is almost over. I deeply feel the time is flying by.  I have spent almost 10 months on my MBA and am ready for sunshine in a few months time.  I chose UEA as my destination for doing my MBA because of its well-known brand in MBA and its teaching quality.  What I didn’t expect was how much I would learn from this year and how the experience would shape my outlook on business and life.

A group of 26 students were brought from around the world for the MBA to learn about business administration in an emerging market. As I was applying to different MBA programs, I agreed that UEA emphasized the diversity of its class (both professionally and culturally) and its global perspective on business.  I have experienced working with my peers together with receiving proper guidance from our mentor on our consulting project, and have learnt about business in the UK.  The project experience has made me realize just how complicated the business world is, which is critical for any company in any country, and how much I can actually help a startup company to grow their own business.  Our consultancy project required us to explore conceivable evidence from numerous perspectives and to deliberate critical analysis and recommendation for an optimal solution.  But it’s a different experience when you put it into practice, and yet very rewarding when you learn how impactful your work can actually be.

In our consultancy project we worked with a Printed Electronic company situated in Cambridge Research Park who have been producing a flash lamp in photonic sintering business and wanted to emerge in a new market.  My team were so committed and worked thoroughly for 2 months to complete the project. At the end of the project our team offered suitable, feasible and acceptable marketing strategies which will be useful and ensure the company continues to operate profitably in the near future, particularly with the upcoming regulatory changes and challenge of the digital era.

Did I get the sunshine I was hoping for during this year on what I had learnt? The answer is definitely, YES, and I have scorches to prove it.  By doing so I started to build a network in the UK, in fact around the world, with the help from my cohorts.  I will be able to find a potential job opportunity if I choose to pursue it.  I have learnt the true value of global perspective business and also how to improve my core competence in order to succeed in a competitive world after my graduation.  Beside that, I attended a very powerful self-development program called Career Impact which enhanced my personal skills, mind set and also equipped me to face the outside world.  I believe it will absolutely be helpful in my future career.


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