Sync the City Norwich 2015

Saleem Maliki (left), third year undergraduate student in Business Management at the Norwich Business School, together with his team, Everyday Spaces won the Sync the City 2015 last Saturday.  Their business idea was selected by a jury of experts and entrepreneurs from 14 teams that had created companies in 54 hours as part of this annual  Sync the City competition.


Sync the City was successfully organised by the University of East Anglia (UEA) and SyncNorwich for the second time and challenged the Norwich Technology and Business Community to build an IT business from scratch in 54 hours. The event brought together students from three different institutions in Norfolk, entrepreneurs, business experts, developers and designers who, working in teams, turned an idea into a viable business.

31 students in their last year of their degree at UEA,  taking the Innovation and Creativity Management module, participated in the competition working in different teams. 9 of these students pitched an idea, which was a massive increase compared to last year where only 2 students pitched.

Student James Rushmerer created the whole business model for the TeePee team where he helped create an easier way for people to do viewings of rental houses by means of interactives tours. The team presentation and prototype was one of the most polished of the event. A very ambitious project that produced multiple apps and a great startup.

Menulicious was an original idea by NBS student Danny, which he further developed with other classmates and other software developers. Danny and his fellow classmates would like to continue the development of this App.


Pierre Duprat leading his team, developed an application to be used in classrooms where students communicate more easily with their lecturers or tutors. He intends to pursue the development of this product and hopes to commercialise it.


Last but not least, many thanks to Stephen Jones (NBS PhD student) for participating as mentor.

In summary, the students’ participation in the event was excellent in terms of engagement and learning. They have learned loads and put into practice plenty of knowledge acquired during their two years at UEA.


Congratulations to all of you for your excellent performance.

Dr. Alfonso Avila-Merino, Lecturer in Innovation Management


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