MBA Management Consultancy Projects – By Lynn Shen (MBA Student 2015)

Time flies, my MBA program was finished last month and most of my cohorts returned to their sweet homes including myself. It seemed like a dream in this academic year.

Imaginably, it was a powerful group with 26 diverse backgrounds, expertise and calibres, plus helpful module organizers and NBS administrators. All of these motivated and inspired me to develop further and dig out my potential so I would say this year was one of best parts of my life.


The best part of this MBA programme was the Management Consultancy Projects where each student was assigned to two practical projects to complete with enterprises; one was a two-week project and another lasted two months. Through these projects, we had to research and interview their environments and cultures and each of these were brand new to all of the team members. It could be said it was an unknown and unlimited challenge for us, however because of this, the projects were rewarding and interesting.

My first project was to evaluate the most profitable and sustainable channel for a new born alternative energy company. It was not difficult to judge which market would be the most suitable but we needed evidence to convince our clients to make the correct decision. Consequently, our initial idea was accurate but we did not know how profitable it would be and the value of assumption surprised both of clients and our team.   That was most interesting part and we successfully met our clients’ expectation.

 My good luck continued into the second project. I worked for a scalable chemical company and our team was assigned to propose a five-year business plan. Similarly, it was a whole new industry for us but we knew “new industry/ environment was the basic of learning.” This time the project felt much easier because I knew how to adopt the new team and task following the first project.  Not only myself, but also other team members contributed over 100 hours on projects in order to work out the best results. We proudly completed the second tough project and our clients were satisfied with our constructive advice. They also posted our team photo in their official website


After finishing this Management Consultancy Project, some of us were open to pursuing consulting responsibilities in our new careers.

I strongly recommend to prospective MBA students to fully enjoy this module and it will be a colourful chapter in their student life.

By Lynn Shen

NBS would like to thank 2015 MBA Student Lynn Shen for contributing to the NBS blog.


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