Undergraduate Consultancy Trip to Hethel Engineering Centre


Our Final year students recently visited Hethel Engineering Centre as part of their consultancy module with module leader Julian Campbell.

Trisha Dhaliah, a final year Marketing and Management student has written about the trip and her experiences. Many thanks to Trisha for writing for the NBS blog.

As part of our Consultancy project, Julian, our lecturer and the NBS team organized a meeting on the 18th February with our clients at the Hethel Engineering Centre. Hethel Engineering Centre strives to support the growth and success of high performance engineering and manufacturing companies and individuals in Norfolk.

As we entered the stylish establishment, the place was filled with entrepreneurial air. The entrepreneurs and representatives we met were very excited to meet with us as they believed this collaboration will enrich the students and offer some insights to our institute.

Each teams respective project, will allow us to apply our knowledge from the consultancy module and develop transferable skills such as time management, professionalism with clients which top recruiters consistently look for in graduates. The projects that were present on the day were Artifaqs, Nanobrewery, Extremis and Thurton Investments.

“It is an exciting opportunity which we have gladly accepted to be working with the Business School of UEA” Simon Coward expressed. He also stated that global companies are planning to invest in the company as they recognize that the expertise in the UK is of a high standard. We look forward to working on our projects.




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