The Ziggurat Challenge -By Dr Pat Barrow

Every year, UEA staff and students join forces to compete in the Ziggurat Challenge, where UEA schools and departments compete in a range of 24 sporting activities, ranging from Ten Pin Bowling and Athletics to Climbing.

It seems entirely appropriate in the season where Leicester City have risen from no-hopers to potential champions, that the NBS/ECO Ziggurat Challenge team could be about to do the same. After finishing bottom last year, and never having finished in the top ten, THIS could be our year.

After 20 events, NBS/ECO (we field a joint team) is sitting proudly in third place, with the all-conquering BIO seemingly out of sight at the top. Hang on, though, because NBS/ECO still has a joker to play, which yields us double points in whichever activity we choose to play it.

With four events to go, we have a REAL chance of winning this, and there is plenty that you can all do to help. We get points for every spectator we get, and extra points if the Head of School turns up (and even more if he participates in the events).   We even get points if we field full teams in each event.  With Zorb Football, Mixed Touch Rugby, Tug-O-War and Men’s and Women’s Athletics to go, we cannot afford not to field full teams or have any fewer than ten spectators turning up to watch if we are going to win this.

If these sports sound like something you’d like to participate in, please contact Yvonne Chow on  The most important of all is the final activity, Athletics, where BIO have done poorly in the past and where we can make up the points difference.  It is essential that we field full women’s and men’s athletic teams.  If you can run, jump or throw, we want you!  Most of all, COME ALONG AND SUPPORT YOUR SCHOOL!!!

It’s true that we don’t have Claudio Ranieri in charge of the team (sorry about that, we couldn’t afford him and, anyway, he doesn’t have a PhD), and the “owners” won’t be handing out free beer and doughnuts to every spectator as they do at Leicester City, but there will be an end of semester barbeque for everyone who participated in the Ziggurat (but no open-top bus celebration through the city).


With many thanks to Dr Patrick Barrow, Lecturer in Business Information Systems, for contributing to the NBS blog.

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