Young Enterprise 2016 and co-founding my business ‘Tritiki’ – By Junnel Andre-Fatah

Choosing the University of East Anglia has been the single most perfect decision I’ve made so far in my career. Prior to this, I was at a crossroads; I too did not know which road to follow, which University to study at. The scariest thing about it was not knowing where my options would take me.

13223706_10209822534106142_91524023_oWith certainty, I feel that I have made the right decision. The experiences I have had thus far since joining UEA have provided moments which previously would have appeared as mere dreams to me.

 I feel as if I have been incredibly lucky when I consider the people I have liaised with so far: CEO’s, Vice-presidents and senior partners know me by first name and I have the Norwich Business School and UEA to thank for these connections. It has been a genuine privilege.

 Studying at UEA has also made me realise more about myself, and what kind of person I want to become when I graduate in just over two years. Although a few things about me have not changed, my work ethic, determination and sheer will to succeed has always stuck by me – something that has been passed down to me by my parents. I am forever thankful for their teachings in life. However, there are certain parts of me that have changed. Most notably, I have come to appreciate the role others play in my life both personally and professionally. I hold the value of people more than anything else. It is people, individual people that make a team, or a business or an organisation, and without the connection to these people or gaining trust with them, it is very difficult to achieve.

 I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some great minds. I am a first year student, studying Accounting and Finance and my ambitions lie in the banking industry, mostly investment banking.

 During “Fresher’s Week” I remember an advertisement outside of the Careers Central which drew my attention asking; “Are you a budding entrepreneur?” I was instantly attracted. What more does a budding entrepreneur want to see than that? This event almost single-handedly put a ball into motion for me in the field of Business – now I am proud to say, I have my own.

thumbnail_Final Logo-3

 I co-founded Tritiki in October 2015. My partner and I both shared a deep passion which focused primarily on acquiring and maintaining healthy lifestyles. This later grew to what is now a start-up lifestyle brand. Tritiki is a tea company like no other. We have unique blends of tea – tailor made for our fellow students. The company has already broke-even and in less than a year is operating at a profit. Fortunately, we have even received two funding awards from the university itself to expand our development. These awards are ‘Santander – Commercial Entrepreneurship Award’ and ‘Student Union – Brainwave Funding’. It is truly amazing what we have achieved and I am very proud to be a part of this process and team.

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 14.20.48A sample of the product range of Tritiki

I’ve learned a lot since starting here in September 2015, although I am aware that knowledge is not finite, I still have much to learn. One of the great things about this university is that there is always someone on hand to help. They make you feel welcomed.

 Studying at UEA is not only about pure academics, which is just as well since I’ve never considered myself to be a spectacular academic – I prefer tasks which are tangible and applicable directly in the ‘real world’ and UEA truly lets you do this.

 On the 10th May 2016, Junnel’s Tritiki won the UEA Young Enterprise (University Level) competition and will now be representing UEA in the National Finals on the 31st May 2016. The Tritiki team comprised of: Charlie Mobbs, Junnel Andre-Fatah (NBS), Vlad Cesc Grigorescu (NBS), Lauren Kelly (NBS), Phillipa Abrafi, Kamala Hajialbayova (NBS) and Ho Ho (Owen) Lam (not pictured).

thumbnail_Tritiki pic (1) The Tritiki Team Competing at the UEA Young Enterprise Competition in May 2016

Finbarr Carter, the Enterprise Officer for UEA was full of praise for the NBS led team and confident about their future,

“Tritiki have really impressed us throughout the year long Young Enterprise programme…for a team made up by first year students they have shown impressive organisational skills and an ability to continuously learn and improve. In a highly competitive market they have managed to create a brand that stands out and tells a unique story. Their products have gone from strength to strength and they are now beginning make real progress by developing business to business sales.  Having secured a place in the national finals we are very excited about where they will take the venture next.”

Junnel’s profile features on the UEAs Student Enterprise webpage where he shares his passion and enthusiasm for enterprise. Employability Director Dr Graham Manville said that NBS is incredibly proud of the achievements of the Tritiki team and we are keeping our fingers crossed for Junnel and his team in the final at the end of the month.

Graham believes that the success of Junnel and Tritiki will be inspirational to current and future students studying at NBS/UEA. “We set challenging assessment at third year for students to develop business ideas and what Junnel and his team have achieved as first year’s cannot be overstated”.  He adds that “NBS means business whether it is student enterprise or working in partnership with organisations in the local area”.

With many thanks to  Junnel Andre-Fatah, 1st Year BSc Accounting and Finance Student and Founder of Tritiki, for contributing to the NBS blog.

Norwich Business School wishes the best of luck to Team Tritiki in the Young Enterprise National Finals on 31st May 2016.


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