My UEA MBA experience so far – Abraham Adaramola

Abraham Adaramola


Hello, my name is Abraham Adaramola; I am from Nigeria. I am a full-time MBA student at UEA. Previously I was the Trading Operator at MRS Oil and Gas.
It’s now 5 months since I arrived on that cold evening in January, it was my first day in England, also the first ever, out of my country.  In the words of the Full Time MBA Director Andy Vassallo ‘’ the days are long but the year is short’’, that says it very succinctly. If I were asked to advise a prospective MBA student, I would suggest they started planning for their January start date right away.

Planning early gives you a lot of time to avoid the rush and the delays that last-minute arrangements may inevitably bring about. Plan your finances in advance, this is very crucial, at the risk of sounding too obvious. This is particularly true for self-sponsored international students; in July 2015 I decided to pursue an MBA, between that time and the January start I was very busy making arrangements.

If like me, you have not studied in environment that runs similar curricula to the English education system or have not even studied in a long while, my advice is to try and develop your critical writing style, this will be a very valuable skill to develop and it will make a lot of difference to your MBA experience. There is lots of academic writing support on arrival though, let the MBA team know if you need anything like this, so they can help you plan how to access that in the best way.

An experience I found interesting is the Accounting and Financial Management module, this happens to be a module which I found more difficult than the others, my attitude made it almost impossible for me to learn, so I have learnt a lot about myself and the way I learn which has been invaluable. It was while studying in order to be able to answer the assignment questions that I realized how useful that module is to any organization, it is incredible that accounting has a lot of useful business tools.  The point of the story is that any prospective MBA student should begin to study as soon as they arrive, this may require that arrival in England is much earlier than the start date, better to come in December to allow acclimatization.

The MBA programme is indeed packed and very intensive, it is also very challenging and quite rewarding. You will learn so much about so many things and at the beginning, may feel swamped, better to come prepared to give yourself time to adjust to the weather and planned work schedule. The school will appoint you a student mentor as well if you would like, they are called Advocates and can help you with any questions you have. It will be useful to engage them with practical questions ahead of coming.

The unique thing about UEA is that they ensure a small and very diversified cohort, it gives the student an opportunity of almost a personalised service, with the advantage of very close colleagues. My cohort has been supportive and very helpful.

The school has included a lot of social events into the programme in order to ensure team bonding and to enrich the student experience. Until next time, I wish you the best in your endeavor and look forward to receiving you if you choose to visit the university as you consider joining the next class in January.



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