Agile Sports Management Ltd- How UEA prepared us for our business start-up success

With many thanks to UEA Alumni Alex Osen (BSc Hons Business Management) and Harry Scott (BA Hons Politics, Philosophy and Economics) for writing this post for the NBS Do Better Do Different Blog.

‘If you love your work then you will never work a day in your life’

UEA had given us the most amazing platform to throw ourselves into the working world and upon leaving University, we were both ready to get stuck in to our new jobs. We both followed different career paths, with Alex starting as a graduate at Property Developer CALA Homes and Harry starting at UBS in Corporate Services. As time passed and our commutes dragged us down, we would meet up regularly to brainstorm business ideas in the hope of pursuing something we were truly passionate about. Agile Sports Management was the final product of this brainstorming and it saw us leave our jobs and pursue the dream!

ASM Logo

We are a Sports Management Agency, specialising in the representation of elite athletes – check us out at

Currently, we represent 3 Team GB athletes. The first being European Diving Champion Matty Lee ( Lee

The second being Judo Commonwealth Champion Megan Fletcher ( and the third being Norwich’s very own Sprint Track Cyclist Victoria Williamson ( We are everything from an agent, to a manager, to an advisor, to a friend for our clients. We love what we do and are developing as a business every day.

For anyone that will be in the Norfolk area between 4th and 10th July, Victoria is an ambassador for This Girl Can and will be promoting the campaign alongside Active Norfolk at the Norfolk Show – so pop along and say hello!

Victoria Williamson - This Girl Can

UEA has been instrumental to our journey both as individuals and as a business. There really is no praise high enough for UEA. The direct influence that our time at UEA has had on our ability to perform within our industry is exceptional. Alex studied Business Management  at Norwich Business School and highlights in particular the Entrepreneurship and Small Business module, run by Graham Manville, as one that has been crucial to his professional development and creativity and the start-up of Agile Sports Management (ASM). Harry studied Politics Philosophy & Economics and is convinced that the multi-faceted approach of the degree has facilitated his ability to engage with an audience whether it is during a presentation or a one on one with a client. It isn’t only from an academic perspective that we can praise UEA. The campus environment and the culture at UEA breeds creativity and ambition. We are incredibly thankful to UEA and look forward visiting soon! Without UEA, ASM wouldn’t be here and that is a fact.

What is next for us as a business? We can’t give too much away, but there are lots of things in the pipeline, so watch this space!

To keep up to date with everything ASM follow us on twitter @AgileSportsMGMT.

If you’re a Graduate of NBS and have started your own business or had success in business then we would love to hear from you. Email


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