Gaining an Internship: BSc Accounting and Finance 1st Year Student Secures a Global Internship in Taiwan


Many graduates have begun to realise that the process for gaining your graduate role really begins in year one and not year three. Leading employers now offer spring break placements as early as year one as an opportunity to talent scout their future leaders of tomorrow. An example is the JPMorgan spring break programme available here. We currently have a number of 1st and 2nd year NBS students from the UK and EU that have secured internships overseas in exciting locations such as Australia, New York, Malaysia and China. Here are some case studies of UEA students completing overseas internships.

Employability Director, Dr Graham Manville believes that “completing an overseas internship makes your CV stand out and demonstrates independence and global awareness to an employer”. If you would like support in securing a summer internship, please make an appointment with our Careers Service to find out more or contact Andrew Holdsworth, our NBS Careers Advisor. Its not all work, work, work, you can watch this video to see what you are missing

For a real life case study have a read of the following blog written by Asaad Enfes, BSc Accounting and Finance 1st year student. Asaad has secured his internship in Taiwan using his own initiative.

Dr Graham Manville, Employability Director

With many thanks to Asaad for contributing to the NBS Blog:

Like most NBS students I am constantly looking to improve my employability skills.  I am a proactive individual who is always seeking improvement and looking to adopt new skills. In order to help me improve I have attended many classes facilitated by Careers Central during the academic year. I have learnt as a result that to be successful I have to manage both studying as well as gaining vital work experience.

I started to look for activities that could enhance my all-round skills so I started by taking part in the Ziggurat challenge which is ran by UEA and the Sports park. I formed part of a team that comprised of third year and postgraduate students from both NBS and ECO. Our task was to promote and organise a series of Ziggurat events. By the end of the year NBS and ECO came joint second for the first time since the beginning of the Ziggurat challenge – it was a huge success and great to be part of. As well as organising this, at the same time I was working part time on campus at the student union shop. I am proud to have completed my first year at university with a 2:1 whilst working part-time and engaging in extra activities to boost my employability.

During my first year at UEA I also set my sights on securing an international summer internship to complete before embarking on my second year at university. All the activities that I had taken part in during my first year collectively helped me to achieve my goal of securing an internship.

I found that securing a summer internship was very difficult. I got rejected multiple times however this only made me stronger; I wanted to continue with applications to achieve my goal. After persisting and submitting further applications I was successful in securing a marketing summer internship with DTF Electronic Wire & Cable Ltd. DTF is a medium size organisation selling items such as motorbikes and cables.

I secured this internship through a website called 104. The process took two and a half months from submitting my initial application until the Skype interview stage. During the Skype interview they also expected me to have completed market research. I was successful in my interview and I have been working for DTF for just over a month now. I currently work with a diverse team from a range of countries such as Germany, Singapore, The Philippines and Taiwan. Our aim as a team currently is to promote the E-motorbike within other countries such China, Japan, South Korea and Europe.


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