How my NBS degree prepared me for my Graduate role as Supply Chain Coordinator at Adnams PLC – By Connor Green


Hello, I am Connor Green.

I graduated from the University of East Anglia, Norwich Business School in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. After graduating, I gained work experience at a start-up plastics company before joining my current role at Adnams PLC. I am currently working as a Supply Chain Coordinator and plan to pursue a future career in procurement and supply.


I am proud to have an essay based on my individual project into apprenticeship pay and inclusion published in an academic journal. The findings of the project which I designed, collected the data and analysed the research for were recently published in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Equality and Diversity.

My module organiser Dr Susan Sayce supported me during my third year with the academic individual project and the successful publication. As an editor of an open-access academic journal she advocated my submission and helped me with the process, thereby enhancing my employability. The publication which can be read here has developed into a great talking point on my CV, allowing me to demonstrate to potential employers my experience of successfully managing a project from the initial design stage through to the publication of the final analysis.

I developed a variety of key skills during my degree all of which can be applied to many aspects of business. In particular I improved both my written and verbal communication skills as evidenced by my published work above, which also caught the attention of my current CEO. I also acquired extensive research and analytical skills through individual essay writing, presentations and group discussions. Importantly, the degree helped me to develop wider employability skills such as organisational and time-management skills along with extensive business awareness. At the beginning of my degree I also decided to join the Management Society. It provided the perfect platform to meet new people, and helped to improve my interpersonal and social skills.

The skills I learnt at UEA have been crucial in the beginning of my working career and I use them on daily basis in my current role. As part of supply chain it is imperative to be analytical to identify and formulate effective solutions to any supply issues. It is also important to communicate effectively and professionally both vocally and in writing across the whole of the supply chain network. Additionally, the organisational skills I developed have been vital in managing my workload and time effectively; an essential requirement of a productive working life.

The most rewarding aspect of my current role is the personal responsibility and ownership I have been given over my work. I am encouraged to get actively involved in decision making and have the opportunity to have my own influence on the business. I consider myself fortunate to work at a vibrant company that reflects my core values and interests. Adnams PLC have implemented a positive culture of “doing the right thing” across all areas of the business. This involves taking a proactive approach towards environmental and social issues and ensuring the company has a positive impact on local communities.

Adnams beers made with British hops outside the brewery


I would encourage potential students to attend university open days to find a university like UEA, one that has a good reputation and a high ranking in the student satisfaction survey. I found that UEA offered me the most flexibility and the opportunity to build a degree around my own interests. This made it an easy decision for me to study at UEA.

Throughout my degree I made the most of opportunities as they presented themselves to me whether these were extra-curricular activities, voluntary work or internships. I used the experience to differentiate myself from the thousands of other graduates as I did with my publication. Finally, study hard but remember to enjoy yourself because it really is over before you know it!

With many thanks to Connor Green for contributing to the NBS Blog.


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