It’s never too late to study. Current MBA student Mike Tsai tells us why.

Hi, I am Mike from Taiwan.

I am a current full-time MBA student at UEA. Previously I was Assistant Manager at KPMG, Taiwan Finance. This post is about my journey to studying an MBA.

Times flies and eight months have already gone by. To study abroad was on my to-do list because I have always hoped to extend my horizons and explore the world. I have, however, tried hard not to chase the end goal all the time. On the one hand it may be because of a lack of impulse, on the other hand it may be because of a fear of change. It takes courage to give up years of work and pursue an unknown future. But luckily, my family fully supports me going after my dream.

I have been married to my partner for several years and was expecting the birth of our first child after the wedding. However, we didn’t have children after marriage and so we decided to move forward and pursue our goals, and so I applied for the MBA programme. Dramatically, when I got the offer from UEA, we also received the news that my wife was pregnant. I thought to myself it must have been arranged by God, so I stuck to the plan and went on to study. One month after my baby’s birth, I was at Norwich Business School. My family and I were separated for almost half a year and finally, after much time spent waiting to receive their visa, they came to Norwich and we now live together.

Village Close

As an MBA student with a family, my experience of this journey is quite dissimilar from others. It makes me feel so enriched to see my lovely son is around me every day. Of course, it does mean that time management is a challenge for me. I need to arrange my work and study for after his bedtime. The UEA cares for students with a family, and provides family housing in Village Close, with enough space for kids to play and grow. In addition, the Medical Centre provides routine health checks for my son and there is no need for me to worry about his well-being while studying.

The first thing for international students to do is to get used to the British accent – don’t worry, it only takes a few months! Norwich is a very safe and friendly city, I often take my son to Earlham Park, the UEA Lake or Norwich Cathedral. Often the people around are very friendly and will play with him and that makes us feel welcome here.

For those who want to study in the UK, the most important thing is to clarify the purpose, the goal you are looking for and plan and prepare in advance. Whether it is to have an opportunity to work abroad, to go on to further study or to reach a higher level in your career. You can email or call the school any time for further support about the details of the course. After that, just do what you can and go for it. MBA is a training course for the future CEO; it contains loads of management theories and practice in just one year. Moreover, you will learn how to work with and be with people from different cultural backgrounds.

I believe this will be very fulfilling and make unforgettable memories.




身為一個有家庭的MBA學生,我的學生生活體驗與大部分的同學不一樣.多了一個可愛的小朋友在身邊,生活變得很充實,但是小朋友的照顧需求卻是無時無刻的,每天下了課後,跟別人不一樣的是,我會回家照顧小朋友與他一起玩.在他睡著後,在安排課業的工作.這也是自我時間管理的一個挑戰.UEA對於有家庭的學生非常照顧,學校提供Village Close的Family house給學生家庭,讓小朋友有足夠的空間玩耍與活動.另外對於小朋友的健康,Medical Center固定時間都會來關心與詢問.讓我能夠放心無後顧之憂的全心念書.

來Norwich第一個要習慣的是英國腔,我想這是很多國際學生都要面臨的必經過程,不過不用擔心,過幾個月你就一定能適應了,哈.Norwich真的是一個很安全與友善的城市,我常常帶我們小朋友去Earlham Park、UEA的湖邊,或是Norwich Cathedral,每每在路上或是公車上,都會有路人開心的與他玩或是互動,讓我們倍感溫馨.



With many thanks to Mike Tsai for contributing to the NBS blog

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