My Fantastic Birthday with the MBA family – By Alisa Chen

My name is Alisa Chen. I am a current full time MBA student at UEA. Previously I was a Director of Administration and Corporate Culture manager working for a large corporation in China. In January 2016 I joined the MBA family at UEA. I really want to say that UEA MBA is the best year in my life. Here is my blog about a day on our MBA.

My birthday is 15th August in the Chinese lunar calendar, which is also the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. This day is actually 15th September in the solar calendar (international time). Normally, my family celebrates my birthday and the festival together and I thought this year I would be alone. However, my MBA family was with me and I had a better birthday than ever before.

Meeting with Adnams’ CEO Andy Wood

On the day, we had an academic trip at Adnams Southwold. We were made very welcome by Adnams’ CEO Andy Wood, HR Manager Sadie Lofthouse, Sustainability and Finance Manager Richard Carter, Environmental Sustainability Manager Ben Orchard, Marketing Director Emma Hibbert and other staff. We had some discussion about employee engagement, the Environmental Sustainability project, and the marketing campaign and so on. I could feel their positive energy towards Adnams.

Delightful lunch with delicious food at The Crown, Southwold

I guess this is brand loyalty. After an interesting morning talk it was lunchtime!

After the free lunch, we visited Distribution Centre. We changed in safety clothes and then Nathan Bartlett (Head of Logistics) led us to the grass roof.  “Wow! Cool!” was my first expression and I thought about how great it would be if I could plant some flowers on this huge roof. Although, it is already an environmentally friendly beer warehouse. It was very impressive.


We are ready for the tour of the Distribution Centre
MBA family photo in Adnams’ warehouse office


After the academic trip we went to Southwold Beach. I think the pictures can show how happy we were.

Who can jump the highest?


“Girl, come on. Lets go in the sea together.”


My favourite birthday photo taken by my friend Jennie


Water fight!


Andy Vassallo, full-time MBA leader


Andy plays a paternalistic leadership role by taking care of full-time MBA students. He always encourages us to work hard and play hard. He is so kind to us and we trust him.

Swan lake?


We came from China, Malaysia, USA, UK, Nigeria, and Turkey. In this picture we are together – fantastic memories.

“I believe I can fly!” Happy birthday to Alisa


We are the champions


We are a family forever


8 months have passed since we started studying together. We come from different countries but we are good friends. We study hard in NBS 2.04 and we play hard after class. We have so much fun together. “One day is long but one year is short.” I could not imagine how much I will miss my colleagues after we finish the course. Happily, there are some ways to keep in touch. We can travel to each country to see each other. We can chat in our WhatsApp group anytime. Remembering, UEA 2016 MBA is our family forever.

With many thanks to Alisa (Xuejiao Chen) for contributing to the NBS Blog


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