MBA students form Global Business Development Strategy with Pasta Foods

A team of our MBA students are working with Pasta Foods on developing a Global Business Development Strategy. They are looking at opportunities in markets as diverse as Mexico, Malawi and Malaysia as a result of changing consumer eating habits worldwide such as the growth in the snacks markets and the popularity of gluten-free diets. Family-owned and Norfolk-based since 1964, Pasta Foods is the UK’s leading producer of dried pasta and supplies global brands such as Heinz and PepsiCo. The company has recently invested in new plant technology and has opened a 15,000 sq ft distribution centre just outside of Norwich, linked to its main milling facility in the port of Gt Yarmouth which sees the import of Durum Wheat shipped from France for the production of its pasta.

The before and after shots below show that, although the team looked suitably professional before meeting their clients, the requirement to maintain a clean environment necessary for food production resulted in a less stylish appearance on site. Despite this, the team are excited by the opportunity to work with a successful company operating in such a competitive sector and with aspirations to realise a truly global ambition. After studying the client brief, the research phase of the project will focus on understanding where changing eating behaviours offer the greatest commercial opportunities for Pasta Food’s customers. The team’s challenge is then to offer practical recommendations to their consultancy client.


Outside NBS: Marla Chung (Taiwan), Matthew Moon (UK), Tawina Mtokalae (Malawi), team mentor Julian Campbell and Mike Tsai (Taiwan).
Maintaining hygiene standards at Pasta Foods Distribution Centre.

With many thanks to Mr Julian Campbell for contributing to the NBS Blog.


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