Never stop making your life better! – By Lei Sun

Hi, my name is Lei Sun and I’m one of the students on the full-time MBA here at UEA, with 5 years career experience as a Journalist and a Marketing Communications Manager, and with a strong media and business communications background.

My MBA Journey

I am the sort of person who seeks knowledge and who eagerly yearns to know much more about the world. I enjoyed my previous job as a Journalist generating news from the police, the public and other sources. I was also lucky enough to change job and become a Marketing Communications Manager, which inspired lots of business ideas, new extensive thinking modes and out-of-the-box thinking skills.

I still believe that studying my MBA after a 5 year working period is one of the best choices I’ve made. The core courses of the MBA programme cover various areas. I am equipping myself with systematic professional knowledge, sophisticated managerial philosophies, and global and extensive thinking modes through my MBA studies. The best thing about the MBA is that you could study a wide range of programmes in a year, as much as possible, and most of the courses will provide you with new perspectives of business and are full of new challenges. If I didn’t study my MBA, I would have met my lecturers and 13 classmates from different countries around the world, who all have totally different cultures, backgrounds, religions and experiences. I would never have met these talented people or have a chance to understand their brilliant ideas and values.

Academic Trips

The University arranges several academic excursions during the MBA academic year. The last one was a London trip to a few organisations, such as AvivaArsenal Football Club, Corinthia Hotel, The Shard and Sipsmith. We had valuable opportunities to visit inside the organisations and learn how different departments work. We were also allowed to meet some of the top managers of the organisations and shared all of our thoughts about their companies. When we visited The Shard, the senior management team including the CEO Clive Stephens, Operation Director Sandy Clark and the other managers gave us a big welcome. They were generous in sharing their enormous knowledge in business perspectives and leadership skills, and we gained a good deal of enlightenment from them in terms of how to be successful business leaders.


My recommendation

It is always hard to make the decision to change your life. As a full-time MBA student with an international background, I had to quit my job, leave my family, friends, and my home country. Before you make the decision, please ask yourself ‘Why do I want to go back to university and be a student again?’ and ‘Can you bear the opportunity cost?’ The start is the most difficult step, but if you have made the decision, please do your best to make every day worth it.

Good Luck!

With many thanks to Lei Sun for contributing to the NBS Blog.

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