The NBS GTMS: Chris Drewett. NHS Business Graduate Officer (GTMS), BSc Business Mgt 1st Class (2016)

Everybody worries about what they are going to do once they leave university and I was no exception. The Norwich Business School’s (NBS) final year Graduate Trainee Management Scheme (GTMS) proved the significant factor in securing full-time work immediately after my final exams, where I was fortunate enough to secure a graduate level position at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust as a Business Manager within the Integrated Discharge Services. The GTMS is a unique initiative between NBS and local employers in the East Anglian region. They are graduate roles paid at market rate and the NHS has been participating in the programme for four years.


NBS’s extensive links with local companies, both large and small, presents students wishing to remain in Norwich with a range of opportunities to successfully make the jump from academic life into the working world. In 2016 during my final year, I competed in the NatWest Employability Prize as part of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business module where my team came 2nd Runner-up.

Chris Drewett, pictured 3rd from right next to Louisa Wells, NatWest Senior Business Lending Manager for the East of England


For me, UEA’s careers service was personally one of the most impressive aspects of the university. They hold workshops each day of the week covering a wide range of topics such as constructing a CV and how to succeed in assessment centres, in addition to holding regular networking sessions with potential employers and ex-UEA alumni. While all were invaluable for my personal development, I benefited from the networking sessions the most: interacting with and learning from those who have been in your position whilst also starting to construct and expand my own business network. I hope to one day pay back the favour and return to the NBS to pass onto the next generation of students the knowledge I found instrumental in starting my career.

It was also the UEA career’s service which led me to securing my first ever full-time position working at an architecture company in London during the summer of my second year of university. This was my first big step into the outside world of employment, if only for three months. However, if it had not been for the UEA’s wide-reaching and continual guidance and support, I would not have developed the necessary skills and experience prior to securing the graduate role I am enjoying today.

Employers highly value Norwich Business School students.

If I was to give any advice to prospective students, it would be to not only make the most of the opportunities being a student presents you, but also be pro-active in creating your own. You take out of university what you put into it. Hard work does lead to success, and the UEA and NBS have all the tools required to help you both realise and accomplish your personal goals.

Chris Drewett – BSc Business Management First Class (Hons).

With many thanks to Chris Drewett for contributing to the NBS Blog.

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