Applying transferrable skills to ensure graduate job success- By Olivia Parr


Olivia Parr graduated from NBS in 2016 with a first class honours in Business and Management

Applying for jobs having finished my degree encouraged me to reflect on the transferable skills I had learned from my Management course at Norwich Business School at UEA. I found it important to focus on these as I could then emphasise my suitability for positions I was applying for. Securing my first full time job as an Account Coordinator for PR agency Ketchum confirmed just how much the course helped me in the first stages of my career.

I think one of the most prevalent skills was definitely presenting… everybody dreads it, myself included, but looking back, building the confidence at university was a lot less nerve racking than in front of your new employer! The NBS course gave me countless presentation skills that have been invaluable to me, especially starting a career in communications. Just to highlight a few; working with others to put together a well communicated presentation that is stimulating to the listener, the confidence in public speaking element & how to actually write an engaging presentation.


In the whirlwind industry that is Public Relations, having had experience in meeting deadlines and the importance of them highlighted to me through the NBS course has been exceptionally important. Although specifically significant in my chosen industry, every employer would undoubtedly agree that meeting deadlines is a fundamental part of any job. NBS helped me to realise what it takes for me to personally meet deadlines in terms of organising my time, prioritising workloads, and delivering on time – all key skills which employers look for in a candidate.

Although all these skills can be transferred into the working environment, I believe that one of the most valuable aspects that I have taken away from NBS is the persistence and determination that the course gave me. I certainly wasn’t always achieving highly, but the encouragement and positivity I received from my course leaders helped me to achieve what I didn’t even think to be possible… a first in my degree! This attitude is so important because you have to start from somewhere, which can also be seen from my position at Ketchum. A permanent role wasn’t available at my time of application so I decided to take an internship, but through the persistence and dedication NBS taught me, I managed to secure a full time position at a company that I love and doing a job that I love!

With many thanks to Olivia Parr for contributing to the NBS Blog.

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